The risk of taking antidepressants


Even though the doctors throughout the years have been claiming that the antidepressants are not bad for your health, they came up with a new claiming recently. A group of several British experts do, however, agree that taking such pills might have bad long lasting effects on your health. Its effect is especially bad the moment you cut with the therapy. They have been claiming before that the effects might only be light. On the other hand, the latest researches have shown that those post-therapeutic effects can last for weeks, even for months.

It is yet to be discussed about the effects on the patients who are not aware of this effects but have, however, taken the whole therapy. This is believed to reduce the usage and prescription of this drugs. The doctors have changed their claiming after several complaints. To be more precise, the patients have claimed to experience and suffer dizziness, insomnia and irritability.


Firstly, all the medicine that is consumed on daily basis has its advantages and disadvantages. The reason for this is that there do not exist a drug that affects and cures only one single organ of the body. The antidepressants are drugs that affect the chemistry of the brain. Their primary purpose is to cure depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Today’s most common drugs have bearable negative effects that slowly but surely disappear after a year. After this the body develops tolerance of side effects.

Secondly, when any other drugs are in question, the patients are informed about the side effects. During the therapy the blood, the metabolism and the insulin have to be controlled and checked.


The antidepressants are drugs that has to be taken at least for six months period. Some patient’s case requires its consumption for a lifetime. The worst thing is that there exist patients who believe that such drugs have the ability to magically resolve all your problems. However, this drug needs to be taken for at least two weeks before you notice the very first effects.

The good news is that the antidepressants do not cause an addiction. That’s why one can take them for longer period of time. The bad news is that once you stop taking them, you start feeling side effects like the drugs that do cause addiction.

According to the World Health Organization about 300 million of people all around the world suffer from depression. What’s surprising is that among the wealthiest people, each sixth is using such drugs.


According to the rulebook, if the patient is willing to stop taking the antidepressants, the doctor has to do it slowly. He has to lower down the dose for several weeks, even months if necessary. This is in order to avoid the side effects. Moreover, there will be an additional education for the doctors who easily decide to prescribe antidepressants.

There is still a lot to be analyzed, checked and applied in order for the health system to improve. Otherwise the world will see more victims than ever before suffering from diseases they didn’t have at first place.