The Spring Decor Ideas You Need


Spring is here and it’s time to embrace the home décor trends for 2016. If you’re looking for ways to encompass the brightness and cheer of the season known for renewal, incorporate these decorating tips into your home and capture the brightness of the world in spring months.

Embrace Pastels

If there’s any time of the year to proclaim your love for pastels, it’s spring. If you’re looking to add a bit of vibrancy to your home, utilize pastel textiles to put some pep into your décor. From decorative pillows to lightweight throws, adding a little bit of life and color to your living spaces is a simple task. You also wouldn’t believe the effects of adding an accent wall. A simple can of paint and some primer could bring instant vibrancy into your home, for a very inexpensive price.

Bring Nature Indoors

Spring is known for blooming buds, gorgeous plant life, and a theme of rebirth. What better way to pay homage to this season within your décor than to bring in the best of the outdoors. You can find dedicated Easter flower arrangements for your home to brighten up spring’s biggest holiday, try out an Urbio arrangement of different types of vegetation (consider herbs that are both fragrant and useful), or consider installing a water feature in your home for a refined but natural atmosphere. Bringing nature in can also be done through the use of natural materials. If you’ve ever wanted wooden paneling on your walls, it’s more doable than you think. An awesome company called Stikwood uses reclaimed wood planks in all styles, applies a sticking adhesive to the back. This makes application easier than ever, no nails or heavy duty work required.

Letting the Light In

The weather is warming up, the sun is showing itself more, and the days are longer. Take advantage of this gift of light and let more in. Replace heavy winter curtains with lighter, gauzy options that will let in the most natural light possible. If you’re unable to take advantage of as much natural light sources as you’d like, mimic the look as best as possible with artificial lighting designed to capture the luminescence of the sun. There are many energy efficient options available, and some come with dimming options to make it even easier to mimic the changing effects of daylight.

Give Your Walls a Facelift

If you’re not raring to grab the brush and paint can, consider applying temporary wallpaper to your walls for an instant sprucing effect. Yes, good old wallpaper is back in style and with modern adhesive options, you can apply wallpaper even to rental walls and take them back off with no damage. Think beyond the normal colors if you choose to take this route. From checkered patterns to marble looks, you can find a variety of unique and interesting textures and looks to give any space a fresh feel.

Strategic Whitewashing

With spring being the season of renewal and rebirth, sometimes a back to basics approach is welcomed. One of the easiest ways to create a modern and clean appeal is to apply a wash of white over your walls and utilize the blank slate color in your decorations. From distressed white wash wood to creamy white picture frames, making the switch over to this underrated décor color choice is sure to impress any visiting guests.

Bring in New Art

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the budget to constantly switch up our art galleries, but you can find gorgeous prints for a fraction of the cost that get the trick done just as well. Websites like Society6 have a constant rotation of prints featuring unique designs that will liven up your walls, no matter your art style of choice or color palette. Most of the pieces start at less than $20, so you can find the perfect image at the perfect price for your budget. You can also buy them already framed, making it as easy as unwrapping and hanging up for an instant injection of artistic appeal.

Embrace the colors and vibrancy of spring by leaving behind the dull winter colors. With strategic decorations and a splash of color here and there, your home will be ready to usher in warmer weather in no time.