The Top 3 Cities with the Most Historical Homes in the U.S.


Summer is still in full effect, and even though we are still airing on the side of caution in terms of traveling, there are still some fun things we can safely do. If you’re a history buff, or you simply love home design and architecture, visiting historic homes can be a great way to explore a city during vacation. Luckily, America has done a great job preserving thousands of homes that were built between the 1600s and the early 1900s. 


From the Spanish conquest of Florida to the French settlements in Louisiana, European cultural influences can still be seen today. America has preserved period-style homes such as Spanish colonials, Georgian estates, Victorian mansions, and Mid-Century Modern ranches. Recently, gathered data from the National Park Service’s (NPS) National Register of Historic Places to determine which cities have the most historical homes in America. 

So, if you’re looking for a new place to travel, and you want to check out some cool homes, here are the top three cities. 

  1. St. Augustine, FL

This city holds a very special historic charm, as it is the first European settlement in America. 

In fact, Ponce de Leon claimed “La Florida” for Spain in 1513, and this was decades before the Jamestown colony in Virginia. The city was founded by Spanish Admiral Pedro Menendez Aviles in 1565, and it ranks number one among cities with the most historical homes, with 11,231 registered homes per capita. 

Along with checking out the homes, there are other historical things you can explore in St. Augustine. Take a stroll through the Colonial Quarter, which includes a two-acre attraction that takes you through the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. 

  1. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans ranks number two, with 10,532 registered historical homes per capita. In fact, almost 19% of all homes in New Orleans are historical. NOLA is known for its French Quarter and the beautiful historic homes it inhabits. This city is swarming with culture and historic landmarks that take you on a journey through it’s past. 

NOLA is also known as the birthplace of jazz and was home to musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Truman, Capote, and Edgar Degas. There are plenty of scheduled tours that can take you and your friends or family throughout the city, but it’s also fun to explore by just walking around. 

  1. Key West, FL

This may come as a surprise to some, but Key West ranks number three in the U.S. for most historical homes, with 9,922 registered homes per capita. Most people travel here to experience paradise among the beautiful beaches and resorts, but there is also a lot of history to be explored.

You can bike around the city, or take a scheduled tour and view the beautiful historic structures. One major historical home that should be on your list to visit is the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum in the heart of Old Town Key West. Take an afternoon and wander throughout the Nobel Prize winner’s beautiful home. 

America has a unique history that encompasses cultures from around the world, and the historical homes tell a lot about our story as a country. On your next vacation, take time to indulge in history and the homes that that stood the test of time.