The Top 4 Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore 


Doing laundry may feel tedious and mundane to individuals. For working individuals in Singapore, this often seems like an improbable task after that stressful day at the office. Many residents get their laundry done through professional cleaners. While residents may manage to take care of their apparel. Tourists and business travelers undoubtedly require dry cleaning services.

@bsolute Laundry, Singapore Dry Cleaning, Mrs Laundry and Singapore Laundry are among the best providers of dry-cleaning services in Singapore.

Here’s a thorough analysis of the service provided by each of these dry cleaners.

1.  @bsolute Laundry: They provide professional laundry service, dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and, even whole-house cleaning. Absolute laundry provides 24/7 free doorstep pick-up and drop for customers’ convenience.
Apart from dry-cleaning clothes, they also specialize in cleaning household furnishings like curtains, carpets, rugs, sofa, and mattresses. Air conditioner cleaning is also on their list.

They also provide insurance cover for products like carpets to reimburse the customer if any damage occurs during cleaning. Customers with high-value products may find this proposition attractive.
Prices are specific to the type of apparel and type of service required (laundry or dry cleaning).

They offer to clean shirts, trousers, jackets, suits, skirts, evening dresses, saree, quilt, and many other items.
The cost of cleaning a carpet would depend on the square footage. Customers are advised to go through the detailed schedule of charges before booking any service.

Absolute Laundry delivers its services through trained professionals who bring their own equipment with them.

2.  Singapore Dry Cleaning: This is another leading provider of dry-cleaning services in Singapore. Apart from providing dry-cleaning services, curtain cleaning, house, and carpet cleaning, also provides ironing facility.
Individuals who want only ironing services can avail their services. This can be cheaper for the consumer since the vendor charges only for ironing. Also, those who prefer to wash their clothes on their own can benefit from this service. Turnaround time is typically less than one day.
They also provide dry cleaning of carpets, carpet shampooing, and hot-water based cleaning.
The schedule of charges is clearly mentioned on their website. Cost varies by garment type. Apparel and items like pillow covers are charged per piece while carpet cleaning cost is mentioned per square foot of area.
For men, a typical shirt-trousers combo can be dry-cleaned for $12. Laundry costs $8 and those who wish to avail only the ironing facility pay $3 per shirt or trouser.
Women’s dresses can be given for laundry at $8, while dry-cleaning would require an additional $4 to be paid.

3.  Mrs Laundry: They are one of the trusted providers of laundry and dry-cleaning services in Singapore. They cater to domestic and business requirements. Apart from the usual apparel cleaning, restaurant owners are free to submit table-clothes and workers’ uniforms.
At par with other providers, they offer competitive rates and free pick-up and drop service to their customers.
Customers can also hire a part-time maid using Mrs. Laundry. The company says that hiring a maid to do household chores can be cheaper and convenient than getting work done professional piece-by-piece.
Pricelist is mentioned on their website and is at-par with most other dry-cleaning providers. Customers need to pay a transport fee of $35 if their total order value is less than $35. Individuals are advised to collect their laundry and send them collectively.

4.  Singapore Laundry: A premium provider of laundry services, Singapore Laundry promises to take care of your clothes. They have trained staff and use tested substances to clean your clothes.
They have a widespread network across Singapore so tourists and business travelers may want to avail their services. Like most other providers, they also offer cleaning services for sofa, carpet, cushions, and mattress protectors.
They clearly mention some instructions to be followed before a user should submit their clothes. The company suggests that the customer should verify that there are no valuables inside their clothes.