The Top 5 Accessories for Revamping Your Bedroom


We spend an awful lot of time in our bedrooms, whether it’s on those lazy Sunday mornings or at night as we unwind from the stresses of the day.

That’s why, the overall décor in these rooms can soon become uninspiring and lacklustre, because we’re so bored with the decorations we put up over a year ago.

Sometimes, however, having a complete overhaul just isn’t possible (or affordable), so why not try swapping out a few accessories to inject some new life into your room?

Here are some ideas as to where you can start:

  1. Change Your Bedding

One of the main features of your bedroom is the bedding on your bed – change this and you can transform the entire look and feel of this space. This is a far more affordable option than changing the bed itself, and with so many on-trend or conventional styles available, you can keep things simple or go all out with a new design.

One of our favourites at the moment, particularly as summer is on its way, is the grey and mustard colour scheme that’s dominating many style trends. A really refreshing style that’s perfect for most styles of bedrooms.

  1. Add a Feature Wall

Maybe you’re not bored with your duvet cover but wish your bedroom had a bit more wow factor. Well, it couldn’t be easier to introduce a real statement piece. Simply find a complementing wallpaper pattern and hang this on the same wall as your bed. This will create an instant standout look in your bedroom, without breaking the bank.

  1. Introduce Bedside Tables

To add some additional features to your bedroom, why not opt for a pair of bedside tables? Available in a plethora of designs from places like Cox & Cox, you can find one that’s entirely in keeping with your bedroom décor. Go minimalist and contemporary for a cool, chic look, or choose wooden, rustic designs to retain your country cottage feel.

And to really add some extra panache, why not team these tables with a couple of bedside lamps – perfect for setting the mood and adding to the overall ambience.

  1. Give It a Fresh Lick of Paint

Sometimes, all it takes to give a room a fresh, new feel is a lick of paint – even if it’s the same colour as what was on the walls previously. You might just be surprised how rejuvenated your room feels when you do this, so why not start here and then add some more accessories to complete the look in style?

  1. Colourful, Bold Accessories

A room never feels complete without those all-important finishing touches such as pictures, accessories, candles and other complementing items. So find a new piece of art for your walls, hang up your favourite memories in cool new picture frames and place a few new accessories around the room.

For example, if your bedroom’s currently quite neutral a few bold or contrasting colours can really bring the space to life. And why not match the colour of these new accessories with a few extra cushions and a throw to create a united look?

As you can see, achieving a new style in your bedroom need not be difficult. Rather, all it takes is a few simple yet altogether stylish changes.