The Top Pavlova Cake Ideas That You Will Love


Craving for something sweet? I think that a creamy and fruity Pavlova cake will satisfy your sweet tooth. The best thing is that this dessert can be made so easily using ingredients that you already have at home. Except for being something that will satisfy your cravings at the moment, a decadent Pavlova cake can be an excellent choice for special occasions. Due to its nice presentation, you can serve it for your guests. They will be amazed for sure! Missing some Pavlova Cake Ideas? We have the right recipes just for you.

What is Pavlova Cake? It is a dessert named in honor of a Russian ballerina called Anna Pavlova. It is meringue-based, with a crispy crust and marshmallow center. To balance the sweetness, fruits are usually added on top.

The Holiday Pavlova

Although it is a winter edition, this one is a perfect choice for the holidays. You can experiment a lot, but this version is made using the winter fruits. Licking the whisks after preparing is a must!


Australian Pavlova

If you want to stick to the classics, this one is your choice. A crumbly cake with a gooey inside, topped with fruits is something that will make anyone happy.

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Mini Choco-Hazelnut Pavlovas

Pavlova can be made into any shape that you want. For serving many people, you can make small individual Pavlovas. For chocolate lovers, top the Pavlovas with chocolate and hazelnut cream.


Fig And Honey Pavlova

Experimenting with tastes is always welcomed. Make a nice decadent cream with honey, and top your cake with some roasted figs.


Number Pavlova Cake

This cake can be an excellent choice for birthdays as well. If you love the trendy number cakes, then make yours.


Pavlova Pannacotta

This is a very interesting mix of two classic desserts, which is guaranteed to please your taste buds. And we certainly like the presentation too!


Lemon Curd Pavlova

The sweetness of the Pavlova would be a perfect combo with something sour. How about adding some lemon curd? This seems like an excellent idea for a summer dessert.


Peach And Passion Fruit Pavlova

If tropical tastes are your thing, you would definitely want to give this one a try. Don’t forget that a classic Pavlova is a tasty gluten-free recipe.


Blueberry Pavlova

It does not have to be white so that you can call it Pavlova. Add some blueberry powder to get a nice color.


Mojito Mini Pavlovas

Lime and mint is a well-known combo, so it will work here as well.


Citrus Pavlovas

Orange, blood orange and grapefruit will be a nice addition for your pavlovas. This way of decorating will look fantastic too.