The Top Road Trips America has to Offer


Ah the great American road trip. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of ‘here I go again on my own’ blaring from the stereo as you cruise down Route 66 on the trip of a lifetime. America is an impressive country, you can enjoy boiling hot sunshine and sandy beaches, but also snowy mountain tops and breath-taking waterfalls, and that’s just in California! They say travel is the only thing that can make you richer, and it’s oh so true. It truly builds you as a person, opens your eyes to the world and can often make you question life in a new yet exciting way. You learn to live without your luxuries, and find that actually yes, you can be a minimalist!

America is the perfect destination to take a road trip, and it really is just how it appears in the movies! Think horror-film, suspicious looking gas stations by the side of a long stretch of dusty road, a few remaining 50’s style diners littered on the side of the highway and motels that definitely provide a…life experience. If you’re thinking about embarking on a classic USA road-trip, the only advice to take is to just do it. You won’t regret it, in fact you’ll find yourself looking up return flights as soon as you land home. That’s if you haven’t figured out a way to already extend your trip.


Here are some of the best road trip routes to take in America…

The California Classic

California dreamin’ could soon be a reality, and what a state to take your first road trip around. Don’t underestimate just how big Cali is, in order to get a great feel of the golden state, you ideally want to plan a minimum 3-week road trip. San Francisco and Los Angeles are popular airports to fly into as they offer relatively cheap flights. From there, it’s time to pick up your car and head on your travels. If you’re flying in from San Francisco, Yosemite is only a couple of hours drive away and well worth a visit. From there head down to Sequoia, a pit-stop in Vegas if you’re feeling lucky, before heading down to San Diego and back up the coast. Get ready for beautiful ocean views!

The Route 66

Looking for an epic adventure? Driving historic Route 66 is a popular choice for those who really want to go all out on their American adventure. Starting in Chicago and working your way across the country until you end up in Santa Monica. Although you could probably cram this into two weeks if you’re pushed for time or limited with your annual leave, it’s best to enjoy this route over a period of a month. Tick off all of the cliché road trip antics, and be sure to get a snap of you with a classic Route 66 road sign for the memories (and the Instagram post!).

The Deep South

Want a taste of that infamous Southern hospitality? The Deep South is a truly unique part of America and offers something for everyone. Enjoy country music in Nashville, visit the home of Elvis Presley in Memphis, wander the streets of New Orleans and hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For the best route that you can fit into 10-14 days, fly into Atlanta and from there head to Asheville for a burst of culture and the quirky art scene, it’s then time to head to the Smoky Mountains for adventure, followed by a few nights in Nashville before heading to the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll and finishing up in New Orleans.