The Top X Remodeling Projects to Tackle in 2021 and Beyond


Heading into 2021, we’re seeing some drastic changes take place across the world. Governments are shifting, policies are changing, and people are holding the intention for a bright future.

While the world rapidly changes, it’s a great time to make some changes in your personal life. If you’ve been considering remodeling your home, now is the time to ride the wings of change and transform your home into the space you’ve always imagined.


Whether you’ve got a list of remodeling projects to complete or you’re just starting to consider the possibility, here’s a list of the top projects to start today.

1. Remodel your fireplace

Fireplace remodels are hot right now, probably because people are turning to electric and gas powered fireplace inserts that look like a real fireplace, but provide more warmth. 

If you’ve never had a fireplace, they’re great to look at, but they don’t produce heat that will keep you warm. However, you can get an insert for your fireplace to turn it into something aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.

If you prefer to keep your standard fireplace, that’s okay, too. Fireplaces aren’t meant to serve as heaters for your home. Your central HVAC system can do that job just fine. Still, you may want to consider remodeling your fireplace to give it a fresh, updated look and expand the hearth and/or mantle.

2. Remodel your bathroom, including guest bathroom(s)

Have you had your eye on a particular shower design for a while? Perhaps you’d prefer if your bathroom fixtures were arranged differently, or maybe you want to install a walk-in tub.

Bathroom remodels are common. In fact, surveys show that bathrooms are one of the top three rooms most people choose to remodel first. If you’re going to remodel your bathroom(s), don’t skip the guest bathroom, like many homeowners end up doing. Your guest bathroom is a prominent part of your home and you probably use it more than you realize. 

You, your family, and your guests will appreciate a guest bathroom that looks good and is organized in a way that functions smoothly. For instance, if your sink, toilet, and tub aren’t in ideal positions, consider a remodeling project an opportunity to create a better arrangement.

Changing your bathroom can change the way you feel about living in your home. With a fresh look, you’ll enjoy your showers even more and you might even start to enjoy cleaning — maybe.

3. Install seamless gutters

Gutters serve one purpose: to redirect water away from your home’s foundation and basement. Both standard and seamless gutters can get the job done, but seamless gutters are more effective.

Seamless gutters are made from continuous pieces of rust-resistant metal like galvanized steel, copper, or zinc and are usually made on-site for a perfect fit. The only place you’ll find joints is where the gutters need to bend around a corner or sections of the roof.

The most important advantage of having a seamless gutter system is a drastically reduced chance of leaks. Without seams, the possibility of a leak goes way down. Seamless gutters aren’t leak-proof, but they are leak-resistant.

4. Create a hot tub enclosure

If your hot tub is out in the open, that’s great for summer, but what about winter? Wouldn’t it be great to relax in a tub of hot water bigger than your bathtub during cold months? With a hot tub enclosure, you can enjoy your hot tub anytime.

In addition to making it more comfortable to soak in cold months, there are several additional benefits to enclosing your hot tub.

  • Privacy. A hot tub enclosure will also give you privacy, which can be important if you have neighbors and low fences.
  • A cleaner hot tub. With your hot tub enclosed, you’ll have less debris to filter out of your hot tub. Even with the lid closed, you’ll find dirt and debris can still make their way into the water.
  • Durability. An enclosure will protect your hot tub from the elements like wind and rain. Your hot tub will also be protected from animals that might jump on top of the cover and wear it down. Hot tub covers aren’t cheap, and they look awful when peeling or torn.

Let your inspiration run wild

When embarking on your next remodeling project, use your imagination and create your space to be what you’ve always dreamed. Having a beautiful home is worth every penny.