The Transformation of Tile: Examining the Art of Kitchen & Bathroom Design


Most real estate agents will tell you that the two most important rooms in the house are the bathroom and the kitchen. This insight goes a long way to explaining why the art of kitchen and bathroom design has kick-started a new trend, that is selling homes and creating an inviting allure. Whether it’s small or large scale changes, property owners are placing more emphasis than ever on these two rooms in the house. If you are looking to update your kitchen, bathroom or both, then use this guide to help examine this new art form of kitchen and bathroom design.

Overhaul or bespoke changes

The art behind bathroom and kitchen design is in your decision making. It can take a trained eye to see the potentially-good ‘bones’ your bathroom or kitchen may have. Identifying whether you need to make only bespoke changes or complete a full kitchen and bathroom renovation can be tough. Look for signs, such as the condition of the tiles, floors or walls. Consider whether you need to change the layout to achieve the look you are after, if so, then a full renovation may be the only way to achieve the desired outcome. If your fixtures are still palatable, then perhaps simple changes like cupboard doors or even the tap fixtures might give you the new look and feel you are after. The true art in bathroom or kitchen design, is understanding what not to change as much as it is what to change.

Find the right materials

Budgets are sure to be a key consideration of any bathroom or kitchen renovation, so finding the right materials is crucial. Skimping on the finer details of your design isn’t ideal, but you can achieve the desired effects with much cheaper materials. A great way to lower the budget is to look for any samples or leftover materials that renovators may have from other projects. If you only need offcuts or small amounts, this technique can drastically change your design budget. In addition to the budget, take your time to find the right materials for your design. Don’t opt for the first materials or supplier you find, do a little research and consider alternatives that may work just as well for your design.

Let it shine

The true art and trend of kitchen or bathroom design is natural light. Taking time to let the light into any new design should be a priority for all. Natural light is something that you can always shade, but not something you can let in once a wall has gone up. Think about how the room meets the direction of the sun and what time of day you would prefer the sun, to avoid any surprises down the line. Allowing natural light into any space also opens up the design to green options, such as plants or flowers in that space. By adding in natural light as a key feature to your design, you can also save on energy consumption by using less artificial light in that space. Natural light is a great place to start when considering the design of your kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchens and bathrooms have quickly become the most important spaces in any home. They are often the first rooms that potential buyers inspect, or friends compare when visiting. This explains why so much emphasis is being placed on the design, look and feel of these spaces. There is a certain art to a great kitchen or bathroom design. From the budget you allow, the materials you use or even the decisions on how much you renovate, the design of the kitchen and bathroom is a masterpiece you’ll want to make perfect.