The Ultimate Guide to MC Handlebar Risers


If you’re looking for ways to upgrade the look of your bike, switching out your motorcycle rims and handlebars are two easy ways to make a huge impact. But before you switch out your current handlebars with a new set, make sure you understand the importance of having quality handlebar risers and how to choose the right size for your bike.

What Are Handlebar Risers?

Many people do not know they can modify the position of their bike’s handlebar to have the best control of the bike. Handlebar risers can help you achieve the perfect fusion of comfort and control for your bike. They attach at the base of your handlebars and make it possible to adjust the tilt and height for the most comfortable arm position possible. Risers can also help relieve back, shoulder and neck pain while on the bike. They can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and billet aluminum. Overall, it is a handy tool that can make a big difference at the time of need. Especially if you are having some pain in any part of your body for daily motorcycle riding, a simple raising of the handlebar of your motorbike can make it more comfortable for you to ride your bike.

How Do I Measure for Handlebar Risers?

Before you purchase or install new handlebar risers, you need to know the diameter of your stock bar and the riser height your stock cables can handle. Most street bikes, dirt bikes and dual sport bikes have a 7/8” or 1 1/8” stock bar. To measure yours, hold a ruler above the stock bar (close to the bar clamps) and measure it from side-to-side.

Once you’ve figured out your stock bar measurement, it’s time to determine what riser height your stock cables can accommodate. Most bikes can handle 2” risers without requiring any cable replacements. To do a simple check and find out how tall your risers can be, take the bar out of the stock bar clamps. Next, place some type of spacer (a 2 x 4 board will work fine) beneath the handlebar. If your cables are too tight, then you’ll need to choose a shorter riser or replace some of your cables as needed. The goal is to make sure your cables are relaxed after your handlebar risers are installed.

Once you’ve figured out what size of handlebar risers your bike can handle make your rides even more comfortable by installing protective and aerodynamic OEM motorcycle fairings. Never forget the option of changing the rim of your motorbike. It can make the ride comfortable as well.  

Many people just buy motorcycles and never change the handlebar of their bikes although its position is not best for their comfort and control. Yes, you have the option of taking your bike to the nearest motorcycle maker to raise the handlebar but if you want to change it more frequently, having quality handlebar raisers can make the job easy and straightforward for you.