The Ultimate Way To Rest When Traveling Is To Go To The Mountains


Everyone has different tastes when it comes to traveling. Some like to travel to old cities or locations that have a deep history behind them, where they find more about the culture rather than the luxury a country may offer.

Others prefer to go to an Ocean resort where everything is up to modern standards, and you don’t have to even touch the country’s culture as you enjoy a lovely cocktail at your personal pool with a view of the jungle or the ocean.

But there are other travelers that simply disregard all of these two points. They don’t care about either the history, architecture or the luxury of a location they travel to. All they care about is the nature and the beautiful landscapes they can subject themselves to.


This article is more for the latter type of travelers as it connects on a much different level.

What’s so good about the mountains?

The first thing that should be said about the value of mountains is their ability to help you detach from the stress of modern-day life. No connection to the internet, no connection to pretty much anything, no phone calls, no responsibilities, no nothing. All that you have to do is find a cozy place where you’d have an amazing view and enjoy it as you eat your breakfast, drink your hot tea or coffee and just lay back.

In fact, as silly as it may sound, experts at Psychicguild, their customers that used free psychic reading after coming back from the mountains were much more resistant to curses and bad omens in their lives.

Although it may sound quite wacky and surreal, and needless to say not everyone wants to have their future predicted, it’s still a small bonus on top of the value one gets from exposing themselves to the beauty mother nature can create.

How can the mountains be so relaxing?

One of the defining features of the mountains is that they are very hard to scale and go through if you don’t have the correct equipment. Luckily for us, we do have that equipment and it’s quite cheap to fly or drive to such a remote location.

But we need to view it as something more psychological rather than physical. You see, the human mind has an innate sense of security in the mountains. We all feel much safer when we’re surrounded by this large wall of rock that mother nature created for us.

There is absolutely nothing that can go through them, and therefore you don’t even need to worry.

But that’s the generic explanation of the relaxation of the mountains, there are quite a lot of other explanations as well.

It’s just so cozy

Let’s face it, mountains tend to be quite cold the higher you go up. And in order to get to the best view of them all, you need to be as high as possible.

But what about the intense cold that you’ll be subjecting yourself to? Well, that can very easily be dealt with thanks to hot cups of coffee, tea or even chocolate.

The sense of coziness it creates simply cannot be challenged by a five-star hotel or even an apartment in an ancient city.

What’s the best way to spend time in the mountains?

It’s quite irrelevant to talk about camping when somebody is traveling in a foreign country. The safety that was mentioned above would immediately be gone if you went camping in the mountains in a foreign country, therefore we need to find alternatives.

Thankfully though, numerous European countries that have the luxury of snowy peaks and tall mountains have realized that modern design doesn’t really fit the coziness and relaxing nature of the mountains.

In order to make their hotels a bit more thematic, they tend to turn them into small huts made of wood or stone. These huts would still have electricity at different points of the day, but they’re not designed for spending a lot of your time in them.

They’re designed to give the comfort and safety to the tenants for the night, while during the day its small and simplistic design encourages everyone that stays to get up and explore nearby, or at least to stay outside and enjoy the views.

What type of travelers like mountains?

If we base our argument on research, it’s already common knowledge that backpackers are the most likely travelers to visit mountains in the respective country they are traveling to. But it is also very useful for those who like to travel for more than a week in a specific country. It allows viewing not only the mountains and their natural beauty but also the intricacies of the architecture of cities located on the lower sides of the country.

But overall, it’s easy to say that mountain traveling is for those who like to stay on a budget. Most of the time, it’s so detached from civilization that hosts need to provide their own food and basic needs for the customers, but they tend to price them accordingly.

If you’re a budget traveler, maybe take a look at the landscape of the next country on your list. If it has mountains, it could be the cheapest and best experience you can have there.