The Watch Worn by Professional Athletes and Celebrities


Athletes are usually famous for their skills and achievements in their fields, be it in football, baseball, basketball, tennis or in the pool. They are also known to be some of the highest-paid individuals in the world, as they are being paid for their skills and for endorsement deals due to their popularity. A recent study done by Forbes shows the world’s 100 highest-paid athletes, which spans 10 sports with athletes from 25 countries.

With the high net worth of some of these athletes and celebrities, one would wonder the kind of wristwatch they use, considering the increase in demand for sport and fitness watches. Athletes and celebrities love watches as much as we do but they have a collection of several luxury watches like Richard Mille Watches. Most of them are also brand ambassadors for some of these luxury watch brands, like Rafael Nadal for Richard Mille and Tiger Woods for Rolex.

Why Do Athletes Wear this Watch?

Swiss-made watches, like the Richard Mille Watch, are known to be the best due to their standard of mechanism and the high criteria needed for it to pass as swiss-made. They are often considered a status symbol of the rich and famous due to how expensive they are. 

Criteria for a Swiss watch:

  • Manufactured in Switzerland
  • Cased up in Switzerland
  • The final inspection was done in Switzerland
  • 60% or more of the materials used are from Switzerland

Below are some other reasons why athletes and celebrities wear these watches:

1. The Art of Watchmaking

The history behind these watch brands is often what makes them popular. While portable watches have been around since the 16th century, Switzerland only came into the picture in the 19th century and gradually began to stand out for quality. They have since dominated the watch industry for decades while maintaining a standard. Since they have now made a name for themselves as producers of the best watches in history, most people would want a swiss-made timepiece on their wrists.

2. Built to Last

These watches are made to last a lifetime and transcend generations, due to the high-quality standards used in manufacturing them. The movement, the case, and the quality raw materials all differentiate a swiss-made watch from others. 

The case is made of steel, which makes it resistant to rust and can be easily polished back to a new look. The facing also has a high scratch resistance, which helps keep the watch clear, as it is made of sapphire crystal. The metal gears are also important, as they are made with quality internal mechanisms. 

3. Luxury Look

While the craftsmanship and quality are great considerations, the luxury look also matters. These athletes and celebrities are popular and wealthy and they need a watch to not only complete their look but also to match that level of poise. The designers put in the effort to ensure that the watches are fine, timeless and innovative. 

Whether or not you are a celebrity or an athlete, this watch can also be yours. The good part about this is that it is suitable for every occasion.