The Watches You Need For Every Occasion


Throughout life, moments arrive when we have to wear different styles depending on the place we’re attending. You’d never wear a suit to a soccer game, just like you’d never wear a pink tracksuit to a wedding. There’s always a time and place for certain fashion, and this is no different for an accessory such as a wristwatch.

Night on the Town

We know, Rolexes are awesome and everything, but the only issue with the brand is that, well, they are so well-known. When you’re going out for some drinks and dancing, you naturally want to be noticed in the best possible way and the brand and model you wear can be important in this regard. There are companies that manufacture extravagant watches that are a little bit different and these are fantastic when you want to look your absolute best. For this, we think Audemars Piguet is the watch of choice, as the Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet models are real crowd-pleasers, especially if you find them a bit more affordable than normal. Go for big and bold, rather than safe and predictable.


Naturally, when you’re dashing around the supermarket or browsing some clothing stores in your local mall, then you’ll want a watch that is a bit lighter and less grandiose. Your outfit will probably be a bit more low-key, so your choice of watch should follow. In this scenario, we think Swatch is the best fit. These models are super light, but are still designed brilliantly and can take a few knocks along the way. Every Swatch model has a unique design and differs from the rest, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll come across someone wearing the same watch as you are.

Going to the Office

The office is perhaps the perfect middle ground of needing a watch that is not too overstated, yet smart enough to fit with some classier outfits. Daniel Wellington watches are the better fit here, as the watch faces are generally simple but very sophisticated. The canvas watch straps stand out more than a leather one would, and the brand has a very cool, start-up feel about it. Not many people have a Daniel Wellington watch, but that is bound to change in the near future.

In short, your watch should vary as much as your different outfits and the various environments and social events you attend. Go from casual to stylish to extravagant whenever you can.