The Wen drill press the tools needed at home


With more than 60 years of operating, Wen has been always a trusted name in the power tool industry with innovative and powerful products that have won the hearts of many people. And the Wen drill press is no exception, allowing users to speed up their projects effectively. But what makes this product so popular to many people is that it offers a lot of impressive and useful features that can hardly find in any other tools. Keep reading to learn more about the Wen drill press.

  1. Power

The WEN drill press comes with a powerful inductive motor which is rated at 3.2 Amp. In general, this is enough for most users to drill through thin metal (less than 0.5 inches in thickness) and wood sheets with ease. But when it comes to premium and high-density metal like steel, it might face some difficulties. Compared to other models on the market, the WEN drill press still provides more versatility and is still more powerful for many tasks in the workshops.

  1. Speed

In terms of speed setting, the Wen drill press can perform a 5-speed preset, ranging from 600 to 3100 RPM. Although metal often needs a lower range, from 150 to 300 RPM, this model is still able to go through soft metal with a perfect finish quality.

On the downside, it doesn’t come with an automatic speed control feature. This means you have to adjust its belt tensioning part to alter the speed. It is, of course, not as convenient as other automatic drill presses, but it is also not very difficult to do. You just need a little practice, and everything will be simple.

  1. Size

With the dimensions of 9.5×14.5×21.5 inches, the WEN drill press is a medium-size tool that still needs some extra space on your workbench. What’s more, its swing size is pretty big, at 10 inches, which enables you to work more effectively with large materials. The chuck capacity comes with a standard size at 0.5 inches, which is compatible with 0.5-inch shank drill bits.

  1. Construction

One of the most distinctive features of the WEN drill presses series is the perfect blend of plastic encapsulation for its motor pack and metal for other important parts such as the base, table, and column. Also, it is designed with a soft rubber-plastic cover around the spindle handle to enhance the comfort when holding.

When it comes to design, the WEN drill press comes with a very professional form as if it is engineered and designed for high-end projects. This design allows for a better efficiency and reduces noise while operating.

  1. Angle

With the Wen drill press, the user can easily adjust its worktable angle to enhance the flexibility. In general, this tool can tilt to both the right and the left at 45-degrees, thereby offering a lot of versatility in any projects. Additionally, the work table might be simply locked in a fixed position for repetitive drilling tasks. In overall, this is a very versatile and easy drill press to use if you want to perform angular drilling tasks.

  1. Easy to use

No matter if you are a professional or amateur, the Wen drill press is very easy to use. Some common adjustments such as the table height, table tilt, and speed can be performed in several simple steps. In addition, some helpful functions like the built-in working LED light or precision laser to make it simpler to work within a dark condition in a productive and efficient way.


– High-quality and durable metal construction 
– A decent power which enables the users to drill in both thin metal and wood sheets with ease
– Affordable price and great price-to-performance rate
– Adjustable speed from 600 to 3100 RPM for maximized versatility while drilling through various kinds of material.
– Built-in LED light and laser for visibility and accuracy


– Not powerful enough to drill through durable and thick metal comfortably.

Final Verdict

In overall, the Wen 4210 drill press is an ideal option for home-based workshops and larger industries its one of the best drill press on the market as it offers a great performance that would meet the needs of various users. With a solid and durable construction, along with many advanced features, it should be in your toolkit box to make drilling tasks much more efficient and effective.