The world’s most fascinating national parks


National parks are widely used for the purpose of preservation. Established and safeguarded by the government, they act to conserve wildlife.

Although these parks were created for conservation purposes, they offer an aesthetic appeal to the environment and can sometimes be said to function as a symbol of pride in a country. In most cases these parks are naturally occurring, in other cases, they are semi-natural or already developed lands claimed by the government.

National parks are in recent times, becoming the most famous attraction sites for tourists. The 2018 estimate for park visitations in Australia, for instance, rose to 16.6% when compared to the 2016 results. This goes to show that national parks have become the most popular Places to visit in Australia.

Other countries have also experienced an increase in park visitations, some growing up to 20% visitations from previous years. This does not come as a surprise considering the fact that a lot of these parks have breathtaking sceneries.

The most fascinating national parks on the planet

From India, Russia, Namibia, Turkey, all the way to National parks in Canada, the planet offers an endless list of fascinating natural parks. Below are a few of them.

Etosha national park

The word Etosha is interpreted in English to mean a “great white region”. The name Etosha originated due to the park’s immense salt span. In the rainy seasons, Etosha is graced with the presence of flamingos.

Located in Namibia, this incredible African park offers more than just flamingos. When taking a tour, be sure to see panthers, antelopes, cheetahs, and giraffes. Etosha is regarded to be amongst the top fascinating national park in Africa.

Auyuittuq national park

Found in Northern Canada, Nunavut, this park is often described as the perfect artic get-away. Auyuittuq meaning “the land which never melts” when translated from Inuktitut to English, offers an outstanding scene of glacial masses and mountains. 

Asides from the exquisitely arranged vegetation of the reserve, the wildlife offers various species. When touring, polar bears, icy foxes, and seals can be seen anywhere.

Grand Canyon national park

Considered to be one of the most eminent national parks on earth, it is situated in the United States of America. It provides mystical freedom from the bustle of urban life.

Archeological discoveries uncover that the park’s red rocks show a long history of genealogical activity.

Blue mountains national park

Based on statistics, this park has the highest number of visitations in Australia.  The activities available in the reserve include; strolling above waterfalls, kayaking, biking, and climbing rocks.

Blue mountains is famously recognized for the formation of the Three Sisters rock. The cliffs offer the greatest fascinating scenes in the park.

Fuji Hakone Izu national park

This National Reserve is viewed as Japan’s most popular place of interest. The Izu Peninsula and Islands that venture into the Pacific Ocean can be seen from the park.

Although the Fuji mountain is the essential fascination of the park, it is encircled by exquisite flowerbeds. As you go further into the park, you uncover numerous new and exciting discoveries.

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