There’s No Place like Home: 8 Ways to Make Your Apartment a More Pleasant Environment


Is there anything more exciting than the space in your apartment? The good thing about living in an apartment is that you get to try out different routines, find new and fun décor to add to your collection, and making your apartment and more pleasant environment.  Despite all that, many people find it difficult to formulate ways that would make their apartments feel like home because once adjustments have been done and new fitting included, the apartment may quickly feel like uncharted territory because nothing feels comfy anymore, and it certainly looks a little different from what it has been. However, the good thing is; when you take the right steps towards revamping the appearance of your apartment, you are most likely going to transform its appearance into an exciting and pleasant place. All you need to do is to sprinkle up the place with your personal touch and add some comfort to it. If you are wondering how exactly to go about it, here are some steps you can take to make your apartment a comfortable and exciting place to be.

1.   Get Real Furniture

More often than not, it can be tempting to use plastic furniture because you are just renting an apartment. However, you should know it’s your life and you need to make the best of it. Even if you are planning to stay for a year, do not let your life to be one involving cardboard box tables and fold-up chairs. Hit up a furniture store, go thrifting, and get something pretty and comfortable. Even when you leave the rental, you need to know that you’ll have the furniture with you, so do not hesitate to take up nicer things for your apartment. Your apartment cannot revamp itself if you don’t make an effort to transform it.

2.   Use Sentimental Items

Experiences make people happier, and to keep such feelings going, you need to make sure you have items that remind you of the happy moments of your life. These can be displayed at strategic points in your apartment so you can always remember those moments that make you happy. You may also go for those vessels or items that you believe can make your apartment homely such unique sinks. If you have no idea of where to look, visit for items you may want to consider.

3.   Get Rid of Bad Mojo

Sometimes, the experiences you’ve undergone in your life sit on the shelves or hang on the walls of your apartment. You probably have bad memories associated with a certain picture on your wall or even your couch in the living room. When these kinds of association are negative, they could end up draining you. Beware of these items and find a way to remove them as soon as possible. Eliminating the “bad mojo” would be a great step towards creating a more pleasant space in your apartment.

4.   Allocate Space for Play

Make some arrangements in your apartment and allocate some spaces to rest, work, and play. Design a layout within your space for activities that matter to you. When you are able to carry out the activities that make your experiences beautiful, then there are chances you are going to enjoy your stay in the apartment. If you have a family, create a space where your children will play as well. Remember, when your children are happy, you are happy as well.

5.   Begin a Gratitude Journal

Before going to bed, you can write down a happy moment you enjoyed that day. Reflection is crucial to achieving happiness and when you are able to reflect on yourself, then nothing is going to stop you from enjoying what you have. This means that creating a more pleasant environment in your apartment may not necessarily depend on your material possessions but rather your own happiness, irrespective of what you have. If you are finding it difficult writing a journal, consider online guides or you can get a book for that. There are many novels and guides which will get you started as far as creating a journal is concerned.

6.   Get into It

Enjoying what you do is part of making your apartment a more pleasant environment. The idea is; if you cannot get out of it, you need to get into it. For instance, the dishes in the house aren’t going to clean themselves, and no matter how much you dislike doing dishes, it’s important to get used to doing it. That a great secret to enjoying your stay in your apartment. Feel the soothing waters on your hands and enjoy the tickle of tiny bubbles on your palms. If you keep the things in your apartment clean, chances are you will enjoy your stay in it.

7.   Get some Company

It is impossible to enjoy your space on your own. The best approach to ensuring you don’t get bored is to get a family member or a friend as a company, especially on the weekend. You can organize for a small party or invite them for some barbecue at the backyard of your apartment. If you are unable to do that, call them on their phone and initiate a conversation. As humans, people are meant to be social and studies indicate that even when a person does not feel like it, they often feel better when they socialize with others.

8.   Take Action

It’s easy for anyone to be overwhelmed by the activities of everyday living, especially in the current world. Take the moment to reflect upon the things you would like to accomplish and start taking steps towards their accomplishment. This will go a long way in creating a calm peaceful environment. Most definitely, if you have everything figured out, chances are you are going to enjoy your stay in that apartment you call home.

Final Words

The above are some of the pointers you need to consider to create a peaceful and serene environment in your apartment. The effectiveness of these guidelines will depend on your specific situation. The most important thing is to ensure you value everything that has to do with your apartment. If you can do that, then you are going to create a more pleasant space for yourself.