These 4 Tips Can Make It Easier to Quit Smoking With E-Cigarettes


When you decide that you’re going to quit smoking and switch to vaping, it’s a major choice that can alter the outlook of the rest of your life. Many public health officials believe that vaping is likely to be significantly less harmful than smoking – and in addition to the possible health benefit, switching to vaping is certainly significantly less costly than continuing to smoke. 


One of the reasons why millions of people around the world have been able to quit smoking successfully with e-cigarettes from companies like VSAVI is because inhaling nicotine gets it into the body much more quickly compared to oral products like nicotine gums and lozenges. Traditional nicotine replacement products do deliver nicotine to the body, but they’re much less efficient than tobacco smoke, so you never feel a nicotine rush like you do when you smoke. Therefore, you still crave cigarettes.

Since vaping allows you to inhale your nicotine, it’s a much more effective way of quitting – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s likely that you will still experience occasional cravings for cigarettes at first, and it’s important to know in advance how you’re going to deal with those cravings. In this article, we’ll provide 4 helpful tips to ensure that your journey into vaping will be a successful one.

Commit to Quitting When You Get Your First Vape Kit

The most important thing that you can do to ensure the success of your switch to vaping is make the commitment that you will not vape and smoke concurrently. When you get your first vape kit, you’ll smoke your last cigarette and switch to vaping.

It’s important to switch fully to vaping right from the start because using your first vaping device will be fun. Vaping doesn’t irritate the throat and lungs like smoking, and vaping makes it possible for you to enjoy an endless variety of different flavors while you get your nicotine. Vaping for the first time will be a novelty, and the fact that the experience is so novel will help you transition from smoking to vaping successfully. You’ll hardly notice the fact that you aren’t smoking cigarettes because you’ll be far too busy playing with your device’s features and trying all of the different flavors.

On the other hand, let’s imagine that you plan to continue smoking for a while after getting your first vaping device, perhaps with the hope that vaping will allow you to cut back on smoking naturally. Vaping will almost certainly help you cut back on cigarettes, but what happens when you finally decide that it’s time to give the cigarettes up for good? Since you’re already vaping, you won’t have anything novel and fun to make the transition easier. Quitting is much easier if you decide to do it as soon as you get your first vaping device.

Use the Highest Available Nicotine Strength and Work Down Gradually

Whether your first vaping device is a cigarette-shaped “cigalike” or a larger pod-based system, you will most likely be able to buy pods or cartridges in more than one nicotine strength. To give yourself the best chance of switching completely to vaping and quitting smoking successfully, you should choose the highest nicotine strength available. That’s because cigarettes deliver nicotine to the body incredibly efficiently, and you need an e-liquid that works just as well as a cigarette if you’re going to switch without experiencing intolerable cravings.

In the unlikely event that the nicotine strength you select is too high – perhaps because you’re an extremely infrequent smoker and don’t consume much nicotine – you may find that you don’t enjoy vaping because you experience discomfort in your throat when inhaling the vapor. If that’s the case, simply switch to a lower nicotine strength. For most smokers, though, higher-strength e-liquids make quitting easier. Once you’ve completed your transition to vaping and no longer have any desire to smoke, you can start reducing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid gradually if you wish.

Experiment With Many Different E-Liquid Flavors

When people initially switch from smoking to vaping, they’ll often start with tobacco- or menthol-flavored e-liquids because they think they want their e-cigarette to taste like a tobacco cigarette. While it’s certainly worthwhile to try a tobacco e-liquid, the fact is that you probably won’t enjoy it very much because no e-liquid tastes like a cigarette. 

E-liquid makers create the flavor profiles of their products using food-grade flavors. There is no combination of food-grade flavors that tastes like tobacco smoke, though, because it’s simply not possible to mimic the flavor of smoke without combustion.

While the fact that an e-liquid can’t taste like a cigarette might disappoint you, the opposite of that statement is also true. An e-liquid can taste like hundreds of different fruits, candies, desserts and beverages, but a cigarette can only taste like a cigarette. With that in mind, you should experiment with as many different e-liquid flavors as possible. 

The flavor variety is a large part of why vaping is so enjoyable. When you vape, you can enjoy the flavor of strawberries and cream, vanilla custard, fruity cereal and just about anything else you can imagine. You’ll still get your nicotine, and you’ll get it without needing to inhale harsh, disgusting smoke. Finding an e-liquid flavor that you love it a magic moment. When it happens, you’ll realize that vaping isn’t just cheaper and potentially less risky than smoking; it’s also infinitely more enjoyable.

Understand That Your Cravings Will Subside

Although you’ll still get your nicotine when you switch to vaping, you won’t get the toxic combination of other chemicals present in cigarette smoke – and while those chemicals don’t have the same stimulant effect as nicotine, your body is used to receiving a steady supply of them every day. With that in mind, you should expect that you’ll still feel some cravings for cigarettes for the first few days after you switch to vaping. Just remember that you’re still getting your nicotine, and that will make quitting smoking as painless as it can be. Your cravings will subside after a few days.