These 5 Lighting Changes Will Make You Want to Take Longer Baths


Do you wish you had the kind of bathroom that makes you want to spend hours soaking in the tub? It might be okay when you close your eyes, but when you look around, are you uninspired? Does everything look dull instead of vibrant? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to upgrade the lighting in your bathroom. 

1. A light and fan combination

Your bathroom needs some kind of exhaust system or the humidity will create mold and mildew on the walls, the tile, and even your towels. To prevent mildew from forming, be sure to install a proper exhaust system with a fan. If you already have a fan, consider replacing it with a fan that matches your new, upgraded look.

Your best option will be a light and fan combo unit. While you could install a light and fan separately, they might not match, and having two fixtures on the ceiling can make a small bathroom look cluttered and feel small. 

If your bathroom is small, having a fan to run while you’re in the tub can reduce some of the moisture and humidity in the room. Some people don’t mind the humidity, but if you do, having a fan will prevent you from getting out of the tub too soon.

2. LED rope lighting

You can create some amazing lighting effects with rope lights. You can place rope lights under or on top of cabinets, counters, and cupboards. 

Most people use strip lighting in their bedrooms and kitchens to fill open spaces with light, but you can achieve the same effects in the bathroom, and you won’t need to use as much product. 

The possibilities are virtually endless with rope lights. You can get lights in any color, in various brightness options, and some lights blink on and off. The best part about strip lighting is you can control it with a remote control. You could take a long bath with normal lighting and decide to turn on only the blue LED lights halfway through for a more relaxing experience. 

Technically speaking, science supports using light to regulate your body’s circadian rhythm. Since it’s challenging to live by natural light alone in the modern world, our circadian rhythms are naturally disrupted. However, with a hot bath and the right lighting, you can help yourself become relaxed enough to get some good, deep REM sleep.

3. Beautiful light fixtures

What’s your favorite style? Farmhouse? Wrought iron? Modern? Retro? Whatever your favorite style is, get some light fixtures in your bathroom that match that style. 

When you enjoy looking at the fixtures in your bathroom, you’ll feel even more relaxed in the tub. If you have to keep staring at an ugly light fixture while you’re trying to relax, you’ll want to get out fast.

4. Install lighting from multiple angles

To create the perfect relaxing feel inside your bathroom, install lighting from multiple angles. If all you’ve ever known is a single source of light coming from the ceiling, you’re missing out. To fully illuminate your bathroom, you need side lighting and overhead lighting. Specifically, you need:

  • Task lighting. Task lighting is generally mounted to the wall and used for tasks like shaving and brushing your teeth.
  • Ambient lighting. Ambient lighting bounces light off the ceiling to soften up shadows.
  • Accent lighting. Accent lighting creates depth in the room that allows you to see the details of your wall hangings, plants, and anything textured in the room.
  • Decorative lighting. Decorative lighting consists of decorative light fixtures. It adds to the aesthetics of the bathroom rather than the actual lighting.

5. Consult with a professional lighting designer

Lighting is tricky. Consult a professional lighting designer before deciding on how you wish to redesign the lighting in your bathroom. It helps to work with a professional to narrow down your options. Their expertise can save you time and money.

Lighting has the power to create a sense of peace

“Master bathrooms are retreats where you go to relax, revive your spirits, and refresh yourself,” says certified master bath designer Marie Lail Blackburn. “Lighting plays a huge role in creating a peaceful atmosphere.”

How you light your bathroom will directly impact your ability to relax. If you want to take baths in a peaceful environment, level up your lighting and you’ll want to take longer baths.