These 8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Will Put A Smile On Her Face


Around every corner a different occasion awaits; whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s day, her birthday, your anniversary, or just a random Tuesday, you will find yourself scratching your head for an idea for the right gift to put a smile on her face. And, oh, what a smile it is. One gift that never fails is flowers, especially here in the Great White North where the snow often limits the blooming of flora and fauna. Regardless of the occasion, here are 8 truly thoughtful, sure-fire gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

Floral Arrangement

Nothing beats flowers. Nothing. Everyone loves them because they smell amazing and look even better. Add to that the fact they have become synonymous with romance, floral arrangements are the perfect gift option for the special girl in your life. And fret not about Canada’s unfavorable weather as you can simply use Oakville Flower Delivery services to find the perfect flowers for the occasion. Just figure out what her favorite flowers are, what scents she is partial to, and what colors light up her eyes. You can use this information to choose the most ideal arrangement to truly make her beam.

Personalized Gift Basket

The beauty of a gift basket is that you do not limit yourself to one direction. If you lady loves cosmetics, a selection of her favorite creams or treatments can help fill that basket. Add some of her favorite candies and sweets and you can excite her even more. Pack in her favorite film to truly bring the whole day together. With gift baskets, fruit is a can’t miss item. Add even more color to your basket with flower delivery in Oakville to beautify the basket and give it an edge to surpass all the generic gift baskets sold today.

A Second Proposal

We have all heard of couples renewing their vows, but why not propose … again. If you flubbed it the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to make up for it and do it right. If you nailed it the first time you can relive a beautiful moment or change things up by taking the proposal in another direction. You can get flower delivery in Oakville to truly make the proposal special. And the best part about proposing again, is you know she’s going to say yes! Stress free, romantic, and memorable.

Personalized Jewelry

The only way to make jewelry more special is by customizing it to the person you love. Engraving is very affordable these days and with the right words you can add a thoughtful, sentimental touch to a flashy gift. Pendants, rings, and bracelets all make for good options to be personalized and will make her jaw drop. Engraving can be difficult on different surfaces so be sure to inquire about that with your jeweler before making the purchase. 

Home Spa Day

Nothing beats a day of relaxation. Creating a home spa day is the perfect way to make it all about her and truly pamper her. The gift can be very affordable and easily set up. But it will be unforgettable. Set up a high enough surface to give her a massage without breaking your back in the process. Arrange for a quick flower delivery in Oakville to help with the aesthetics and ambiance. Play some nice calming music. And get some nice massage oils to really bring it all together. Be sure to warm up the oil and give her the day of pleasure she has been itching for.

Recreate Your First Date

If you’ve been together for a long time, there is something truly romantic in taking the time to remember why you both first fell in love. The crazier the first date the better. If you met in college, take her back to the campus. If you grabbed a hot dog and strolled in the park, find that vendor and stroll down memory lane. You can relive the beauty of that honeymoon phase without the nervous energy, and energy replaced by warmth and comfort. Order for a flower delivery in Oakville to get things right, because you surely missed a few touches back when you were younger. It’s OK, you can rectify it with even more romance now. 

Fantasy Day

Is your lady a big fan of romantic films? Does she love everything Disney princess related? Does she enjoy escaping this reality and venturing off into a fantasy world? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then make her dreams come true. Create the day of fantasy she desires. Get her the princess dress and makeup to transform her into the character she loves. Recreate the pivotal climactic scene of her favorite film. Whisk her away from the dreariness of her life and have her bask in the joy and glory of a dream for a whole day away from life’s stresses. Remember every princess deserves royal treatment which doesn’t get easier than with a flower delivery in Oakville.

Boat Ride

Dates can get boring and monotonous. You go from one cafe or restaurant to the other and mull about your day. One of the simplest and easiest ways to break from routine date night plans is a simple boat trip. Whether it’s lunch on a boat out in the sunshine, a nice dinner on a short cruise, or a romantic gondola ride, she is bound to be smiling from cheek to cheek the entire time. And with a simple flower delivery in Oakville, you can have her come home to the grand surprise of her favorite flowers waiting for her with a romantic note. It is bound to make her beam.

Gift-giving can be difficult and overwhelming. Sometimes the cost can be a difficult factor. Remember it’s the thought that counts and with the love between you anything you do and any effort you make will warm her heart. But flowers are truly a girl’s best friend and with services that offer flower delivery in Oakville, you can very easily bring that beautiful smile you love to her face.