These Are the Signs Your Pipes Are Leaking


While half of the human body is made out of water, it’s very important to control water-flow when it’s used inside of our homes! We need water indoors in order to bathe and wash our food, to drink, and to launder clothes, but pipes need to channel the water carefully.

If a leaky pipe goes undetected for a while, it can do tremendous damage for an ongoing period of time, and you wouldn’t even know. 

A leaking pipe can wreak havoc on your property the longer it goes unrepaired. From structural damage to a home after water has compromised the integrity of its walls, floors and ceilings, the bill for repairs is much higher than the cost of addressing the initial leak.

The drain cleaning experts at Sewer Squad will come to your home quickly to inspect and repair any plumbing issues you may have, and they can even come during the evening or weekend for no extra charge. Look for local professionals available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can get order restored in your home quickly.

To help you identify a leaky pipe, here are some signs and problems which can be caused by a breach in your pipes or plumbing system.

Water Stains

Do you see what looks like a spilled glass of water, except it’s on the ceiling? Maybe there’s a yellowish tint to it? If so, try to identify what is causing this stain, rather than just treat it cosmetically. 

The water could very well be caused by a leak in a pipe above the ceiling, or from an overflowing fixture somewhere.


Any sign of mould in the home could really point to a leaky pipe somewhere. Especially in the washrooms, but check for mould growth on surfaces anywhere near where water is in use. 

Moisture generates mould, so don’t be shy to use your nose to help find the problem — if you notice a musty, earthy smell, it could be mould growth, which ultimately could mean a leaky pipe.  

Structural Damage

Water causes structures to buckle and change in harmful ways. Recognizing the signs could help you find that leaky pipe soon.

  • Ceilings or walls that look swollen
  • Buckled floors
  • Moisture on floors or carpet
  • Standing water
  • Pipes with rust
  • Cracks in the wall, especially drywall

If you notice any of these, have a professional plumber come right away, so you identify and repair the leaky pipe right away before it has a chance to do damage. The best professionals can come quickly, and don’t charge for work done in the evenings or on weekends. 

They should have a miniature high-def video camera to inspect you pipes. Whatever the problem is, they’ll fix it without making a mess of your home.

Being handy around the house is wonderful, but some jobs are too complex to handle on your own, especially if errors require expensive repairs. If you notice any of the signs of water damage to your home, call a professional plumber right away.