Things and information you shouldn’t text about


There are plenty of things you shouldn’t talk about by texting. The importance of the message you have to share speaks volumes about the way it should be given to a particular person. Sometimes this might even be considered as unpleasant, rude even disrespectful, depending on the text.

Moreover the texts can not deliver emotions nor feelings, therefore the real importance of the message is lost immediately. Sometimes you might get misinterpreted or misunderstood just because the person sending and the person receiving the message are not speaking face-to-face in order to clear the things and deliver the exact meaning. One does not always get the real point of the message until he eventually speaks with the sender in person.

It is less likely to get misinterpreted when you speak to a person directly looking in his eyes rather than when you text them. Therefore, next time you want to share or announce something quite important to somebody you better think it twice. Especially mind the following scenarios:


Sharing good news. Yes, even the good news can be misinterpreted if shared by a text. This is not how you tell your closest family and friends that you are about to get married, you are pregnant, you have graduated or you are engaged. There’s nothing wrong with this news, however, it is much better to let your closest ones know about such life events either in person or through a phone call if they are far away. That way you will let them know that they mean to you more than any other person that will learn about that event through the social media.

Break up. If you want to be hated for the rest of your life, go ahead and break up through a message. Regardless if you have been together for years or only a few months, your partner doesn’t deserve such a humiliation. Breaking up through a text message is the worst thing you can do to a person. You leave them without chance to say something. Moreover this speaks a lot about your personality. You feel insecure and incapable of announcing such an important message in person.

Revealing confidential information. Your phone can get stolen. There’s always someone who can catch the other person’s phone and read the message for them. Nowadays the easiest thing on Earth is to steal someone’s password and follow the entire conversation. Therefore you better don’t share such an important information typing.


Discussing with your partner. If you are only texting you can never know how the other person feels at the moment. On the other hand, a furious and frustrated person can not type easily. You leave them worried and without a chance to express themselves well. It is considered as an adolescent and rude behavior. You better see them in person and talk about the case, otherwise both parties are left without the opportunity to understand the other person’s side and feelings. You are most likely to find a solution if you do an eye-to-eye conversation.