Things To Consider When Buying A Water Filter


We are all aware of the benefits that come with drinking filtered water. This is why it is recommended to install a water filter in your home to remove the impurities present in the tap water flowing in your home. Installing a water filter will save you the trouble of spending too much money buying filtered water.

If you are considering installing a water filter, how will you know which filter suits you well? No worries because I will take you through some of the things that you should consider when buying a water filter.

There are different types of water filters such as tap filters, carafe filters, countertop and under-countertop filters, reverse osmosis drinking filters, refrigerator filters and others. Among the different types of water filters available, undersink water filters are the most popular in many households. Not only are they easy to install but also come at pocket-friendly prices.

Undersink Water Filter

Also known as under-countertop filter the under sink water filter is brilliant on saving your kitchen area as if reduces cluttering of things in your kitchen area. We all know how cluttering on your kitchen area gets you mixed up in your daily chores and as well as being a disgusting site to look at.

The brilliant idea with the under sink water filter is that it robs the space under your sink of which the place is normally empty for most of you. Well, you got something to do with it now.

An under sink water filter works in such a way that water flows through a canister containing charcoal and more often also through an ion-exchange mechanism made of some specialized resin. The charcoal gets rid of organic compounds such as pesticides and particulate matter. The ion-exchange, on the other hand, gets rid of dissolved metals with lead being the most concern.

The good things about undersink water filters

  • It is convenient as you can get filtered water by easily turning on the faucet which is instant.
  • Its capacity and speed is great compared to others of the same size and besides it might take you a long time to do those replacements whereas a family of four may need to refill a pitcher once a month.
  • The size is quite considerable with the average ones being economic on space
  • Easy to use and not really limited to kids as anyone can get the concepts in seconds
  • If you are reasonably handy you would not have to hire a professional to get your job done

Some drawbacks

  • For considerably large filters space might be a drawback especially for standard kitchens
  • Initial installation might get you a little disturbed as a whole has to be drilled beside the main faucet where a soap dispense, for instance, can be put in and this might require some professional, of course, paid plumber
  • Water from an under sink water purifier is not as cold as water from a refrigerated pitcher.

How To Choose The Best Water Filter

The following is a buying guide for purchasing a water filter that you might find worth going through before you make go spending your hard earned money.

Water nutrients

There is so much more to a good water filter than the purification aspect of it. A good filter should not take away essential elements such as minerals like potassium, magnesium and other trace elements and it should not as well compromise waters antioxidant properties. It should be able to achieve the two simultaneously.

Storage capacity

This is technically dependent on the number of users you expect to use the filter on. It is pretty obvious to use a sizeable filter for a small number of users and a large one for a large number of users for instance in an office unless you want to be running up and down all the time running or refilling the filter.

Direct flow water filters

Are simply connected on the inlet pipe of your house and this means you do not have to worry about continuous clean drinking water. This might be a good consideration for a homestead, unlike an office. This can save a lot of time and money.


This goes without saying but just for the records, it is good to choose a filter that you will be proud of in terms of appearance. People do not like having ‘bad looking’ items in their houses. Therefore, while making a choice it is important to avoid being oblivious of the appearance as it might get you angry in the future when your friends question your choice of appearances.

Electric or non-electric

If the place you live has an erratic power supply, you might think about having an RO purifier or a UV with storage since the first does not necessarily require electricity to function and the latter one consumes less power than a 60-watt bulb.

Material used

The material used should be non-toxic, food grade and also durable as well as rust proof. Aluminum reacts with salt and minerals and hence poses a health hazard and should be avoided.

Purification method

Each method has its own limitations in eliminating all the impurities. Depending upon the type of water, impurities, and contaminants the method of purification has to be wisely chosen. Most of the modern filters have close to two filter techniques to ensure water is of better quality.

Special features

In case you desire a product that has some other features apart from the normal ones, for instance, features such a voice alerts, purity indicators, hot and cold water, auto shut off and much more, it would be good to ask the suppliers of such features in their products before purchasing.

Final words

Unlike other items, the purchase of a water filter requires more deliberation than other appliances due to the nature of work it handles. This is because it involves the health and safety of yourself and your family.

Due to the convincing language of marketers who disguise from the set quality, there are international standards that all cookware must fulfill and it is important to make sure that your filter is certified by the NFS which has this mandate across the globe. You can do this by checking their logo on your cookware or consulting the respective officials.

The most important factors to consider is the quality of water, filter type, and purification method. These cannot be compromised as they directly relate to your health.