Things to Consider when Comparing Gas to Tankless Electric Water Heaters


As far as electric water heaters go, tankless water heaters are an obvious choice because they will help you save on energy. These systems are also less expensive to maintain and they ensure a more consistent supply of hot water. But how do these water heating systems compare to gas water heaters? What are the things you should consider when faced with a choice between gas and electric water heaters?

1. Differences in Gas and Electricity Cost in Your Locale

Electricity and gas prices differ considerably in various places. There are also reports that gas prices are poised to increase over time as the non-renewable natural resources used in their manufacture are depleted. Electricity, on the other hand, will remain more stable, especially as the world increasingly turns towards renewable electricity generation methods. Basically, as you choose between these two water heating options, understand that the cost of the fuel used to operate them will have quite an impact on their operation cost. 

2. Initial Cost

The money you have to spend to own a water heating system can have quite an impact on how suitable it is for you. In this regard, electric tankless models are the better choice. For instance, while a good quality electric tankless water heater will cost between $500 and $700, you would have to spend about $1,000 to $1,200 on a comparable gas model. But that’s just half the battle, you have to spend money on the installation of that system as well. In this regard, the electric models are generally much cheaper as well since they don’t have venting requirements like gas water heaters. 

3. Personal Choice

When it is all said and done, both gas and electric tankless water heaters have their pros and cons. Therefore, you will have to weigh each option properly, and understand which factors hold the greatest significance. From there, you will know whether to use a gas or the electric heater. If the benefits of a gas water heater are not relevant to you based on your anticipated hot water needs, while the upsides of a tankless electric version prove more suitable to you, then your best option is to use a tankless electric heater. From there, all you have to do is look at various electric tankless water heater reviews to find a model that will give you the best use experience. 

4. Maintenance Demands

Gas water heaters require a very rigorous maintenance schedule. First of all, regular inspection is required to ensure that the system is using fuel efficiently and safely. That is because issues with such systems pose much greater hazard risks since leaks can result in explosions and other major incidents. With electric tankless water heaters, the only thing that requires regular monitoring is the inlet screen filter to make sure there are no blockages. 

5. Environmental Impact

It is not just organizations that are worried about how their power use is affecting the environment, but regular people as well. So, if you are concerned about the effect your water heating system will have on the environment, you have to go with an option that is easier on the environment. Without contest, electric tankless water heaters are the best option because of their low greenhouse gas emissions. Gas tankless water heaters produce greenhouse gases and put a strain on the environment as they exploit limited fossil fuels. The manufacture of tankless electric heaters also uses a greater amount of renewable materials, which makes these systems much better for the environment. 


Above are important issues to consider when comparing gas and electric tankless water heaters. Overall, there is greater benefit in using electric tankless water heaters over electric heaters, unless the gas prices in your locale, when compared to electricity prices, suggest otherwise. But it is important to understand that electricity prices will be more stable over time, unlike gas prices. Besides, electricity is better for the environment, and electricity-based water heaters are cheaper to buy and install. Consequently, though the choice between gas and electric water heating systems is yours to make, in many ways, an electric tankless water heater is a much better option.