Things from the space that can not be explained


The Universe, the space, the stars and everything that forms part of it has been a topic of many researches throughout the years. Even though the scientists were observing its extended version constantly, it was recently when they made a huge step forward in this exploration. They rely on mathematics, telescopes and satellites in order to give us more detailed study. That’s how we keep on learning about the space that surrounds us.

What is known so far is that the whole Universe is full of mysterious and unknown items and objects. We lack both knowledge and technic in order to explore it better. At least we have learned that they do exist and gave them names in order to differentiate them. The following are the most unusual ones:

Star explosion

When a star explodes it turns into supernova. What is unknown is how and why does it happen. The scientists use computer technology and simulations in order to explain it. Even with this help they still can’t understand the mechanic. Therefore what happens inside of the star at the moment of the explosion remains mystery. What causes this event is yet another interesting question.


Black holes

The black holes have been observed more than any other mystery that is there in the Universe. It is believed that they are caused by a previously exploded star. They have so much mass that not even the light can escape them. A great mystery is how does the black hole vacuum the dust and the gas that orbits around it? This is actually almost unlikely to happen. Therefore, what we know so far is only that they are caused by a star explosion. The rest is yet to be discovered.


Reservoir on the Moon

This is something that UFO lovers have found out. In addition, while looking for UFO they have discovered a mysterious item on the Moon. A black and white photography claims its existence as well. Whether it is a reservoir, as these scientists claim or it’s only a rock is yet another question to deal with.


A huge emptiness

There’s a place or even a space in the Universe known as “a huge void”. It is an area of  about 1,8 billion of light years and it’s completely empty. There are no galaxies there, at least we still haven’t learned about any. its distance from Earth is about 3 billion light years. The scientists have no answer yet how and why did this space remained empty.


Dark stuff

The dark stuff is one of the most mysterious issues that the scientists had to deal with. The answer doesn’t come still. It was in 1977 when the scientists tried to explore it in details for the first time. It seems like this dark stuff is placed behind the entire invisible substances in space. What’s its purpose, function or how did it ended up there gives a lots of headaches to the experts. The deeper they look for an answer, the more mysterious it seems.