Things to Know While Planning a Trip to Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a top choice for travelers. There are so many things to do while you are there. We’ve put together a few tips that you should know so that you have a great time.


Yes, everyone knows that Vegas is hot, but it can get extremely hot. In July, temperatures above 100 degrees are normal. That doesn’t account for the heat index or any heat wave that can occur. Most people aren’t acclimated to those temps, so you will want to prep if you aren’t. Drink tons of water. It will be very easy to become dehydrated in those temps. Always carry water with you and drink it often. Also, you will want to wear sunscreen and reapply often. It is bright and sunny in Vegas and the last thing you want to do is spend your trip burnt and miserable.


Many people don’t realize how far apart things can be. You will hear that many of the places you want to visit are on the strip. What you may not know is that the strip is 4 miles long. It can be quite the walk, especially in the heat. Before heading out on a walk, check the distance. You may want to grab an Uber.

Never Buy Drinks at a Casino

Gambling and alcohol go hand in hand, right? Yes, they do. If you are in a casino, wait for the waitress to come to you. The casino offers free cocktails to players. As long as you are at a table game or slot machine, the drinks are on the house. If you go up to a bar in the casino, you will most likely be charged.

Join Casino Players Club

Even if you have no intentions of gambling, you should still join a players club. They will offer you free things and discounts just to get you to come in. Everyone likes freebies, right? You may get a t-shirt, souvenir glass, or free dinner. Casinos like to give out some pretty interesting gifts, like bed sheets. If it is your birthday they will give you a birthday gift. Casinos want to get you in and playing. Many times they offer free play credit you get you started.  

Unusual Sights and Things to Do

Bellagio has a beautiful water display that is famous in Vegas. The Hoover Dam is also a one of a kind sight. Did you know that there is an Eiffel Tower in Vegas? Yes, it’s true. When the sun goes down in Vegas, the city glows with Neon. There are thousands of neon lights and signs, mostly on the lively strip.

Vegas is famous for its incredible shows. There are shows for everyone, even children. You can even find a dinner show. Cirque du Soleil is a famous show. Be sure to check the details before booking a show to ensure that you’ve chosen the right show for you.

Nevada is one of seven states where recreational marijuana is legal. Be sure to check the current law before you light up though. You may not be able to use it just anywhere. Marijuana dispensaries are usually a safe place to enjoy it.

Vegas is a great tourist destination. Before you go, make a plan of things that you want to do and see. Many places offer free things to get you in the door. If you make a plan you will be able to have a great trip and save some money.