The things that make writing an essay hard, and how to fix them


Writing an essay is never easy. Even when your professor tells you that it’s easy, and looking at the assignment title makes you think it’s easy, trust us: it’s not easy!. The only question here is how easy it will be for you to get over this bump in the road and continue with your academic instruction.  While the number of problems that can occur when you have to write an essay is infinite, there are some problems that are more common than others. Here are some of the most common ones, as well as how we recommend you deal with them.

You’re too tired

If you want to start working on your essay as soon as you get home from school but you just can’t keep your eyes open, it obviously means that you are too tired to carry out this assignment, at least for the day.

The correct way to go about it is to first have a big meal, followed by a nap. Recharging your batteries will help you think cleared and be prepared to tackle the essay with a fresh state of mind when you wake up.

You don’t understand the topic

Sometimes, writing an essay is a lot easier because you know everything there is to know about the topic, or you just  do your research very efficiently so writing about it isn’t that big of a deal. However, in some cases, the topic is so abstract to you that you can’t help but get up from your computer and go do something else.

The only humanly possible thing that you can do here is to do your research to the best of your abilities. There are also essay writing service solutions which might come in handy as they can provide the missing links of information and make sure your essay is grade A.

You don’t have any inspiration or motivation

The worst thing you could do in this situation is force it. If you don’t have inspiration, you just don’t. There’s no point in arguing with yourself about it, or feeling bad that you aren’t taking care of this immediately. Unless you are super short on time and have to present it the next day, you can just take the night off and hope for a more inspiring presence tomorrow. Alternatively, you can start with some of your other homework and get inspiration from there, progressively. By the time you’ve finished with those, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your essay, not to mention that you would have finished your remaining homework as well.

Your computer broke down

If your writing tool is broken, things can look very dim for you as far as turning in your essay in time goes. However, there’s a solution for this as well. Granted, it’s more of a preemptive solution, but whenever you get new tech, keep the previous model around for emergencies. Having your old computer on hand can feel like a saving grace, and while it wouldn’t be the polished experience you’ve gotten used to, it can get the job done. It beats borrowing from other people or having to go somewhere else just to write your essay.