Things to Consider Getting Motion Sensor Lights for Your House


There was a time when the core purpose of installing lights, whether indoors or outdoors was to illuminate a given area and increase visibility in the dark. Initially, lights were just electrical fixtures that had a specific utility. However, today the scope of using lights has stretched much beyond what it used to be. There are various types of lights available meant to serve different purposes. Today lighting has a crucial role to play in architecture and design and is widely used to accentuate the look of a space. You can transform the look of an entire space just by playing around with the lighting.  

In the modern world, lighting is also used for many other purposes. It is widely used for health and security purposes. Motion sensor lights are widely used as a piece of security equipment. Outdoor lighting has gained much attention recently to light up lawns and backyard to enhance the ambiance and make the property look aesthetically appealing. Motion sensor lights are designed to light up if the sensor detects any movement within a given radius. Since these lights are a fairly new concept for private properties, many people are clueless about how to buy the right product that would fit their needs.  This motion sensor lighting guide will help you figure out how to buy the right lights and how to install them appropriately.


Purpose of Lights

The first question that you need to ask yourself is why you are getting these motion sensor lights. There are different types of motion sensor lights available. Investing in an advanced version unnecessarily, when you do not need them would only mean that you will waste your money and will incur extra energy expenses. If the purpose of your purchase is primarily security and surveillance than it would be a good idea to invest in more expensive bright lights with a powerful sensor. However, if you just need a set of dim lights to light up your driveway as you enter the property in the dark, a cheaper version with dimmer bulbs will suffice.

Sensor Type 

Different motion sensor lights rely on different technologies to detect movement around them. The most powerful motion sensor lights rely on microwaves and can detect movement at a large distance. These are the most expensive of all and are best for the security of larger properties. Ultra-Sonic sensor lights rely on sound waves to detect movement and Passive infrared ones rely on body heat to detect movement and these are great for smaller properties.

Coverage Area

All motion sensor lights have different coverage areas so there is no one size fits all rule. You need to evaluate how much area you want your lights to detect and get a motion sensor light accordingly. If you do not live on a very large property and require surveillance at a restricted distance around your boundary only, a cheaper low coverage model would be adequate for you.