Things to Do Before Hiring New York Movers


When people move from one place to another, they are often consumed with the actual move itself. This causes them to neglect some important things that need to be done before the move takes place. Moving into a new home is much more than packing your possessions and hiring a moving company. If you do not properly account for all of the critical prep work that needs to be accomplished beforehand, you could be in serious trouble. Make no mistake about it, the jobs that need to be done before a single item gets loaded onto the moving truck are just as important as the move itself. Here are some of the most crucial things to do before hiring New York City Movers.

1. Call your utility companies

When you finally decide on the exact day you are going to move, make sure that your utility companies have been notified to begin your service far in advance of that date. It is a common mistake that many people make during the moving process. They spend so much time worrying about packing their items properly that they lose sight of some of the other issues that need to be dealt with. When the previous tenant moves out of the house you are moving into, the utility companies will shut off the service to that home. This means that you will need to choose what utility companies you will go with. Sign up for service and tell them the date you will be moving in so they can turn it on before then. If you fail to do this, you may show up to a house with no electricity and no heat. If you move on a cold day, this will make things particularly uncomfortable for you and the people who are helping you. If you are looking for New York movers, contact New York Local Movers today for a quote. You can also visit

2. Change the locks on your new home

This is an essential task that must not be overlooked. In fact, it should be the first thing you do after you purchase your new home. The previous owner still has keys to your new home. Even if the people you bought the home from seem honest, you have no way of finding out how many other people they gave keys to. There could conceivably be an army of people out there who could easily access your home whenever they choose. Needless to say, this puts the safety of your family and your possessions at risk. You need to nip this situation in the bud by hiring a locksmith to change all of the outside locks on your home as soon as you officially become the new owner. This will prevent any people who still have keys to the old locks from gaining entry to your home.

3. Look at the weather forecast

You want your moving day to have nice weather. While forecasts are not always accurate, choose a day when no rain is supposed to occur.