Things to Keep In Mind before Buying a Fruit Juicer


Growing up, the kind of juice we could lay our hands on was the preserved type bought at the supermarket. Juicing has, however, grown in popularity over the years. This is seen in the number of blogs and you-tube channels that have sprouted. Most people are talking about healthy living.

Why juicing? Because it allows you to consume fruit nutrients, particularly those that you don’t eat a lot. Also, it’s a good way to prevent food wastage as you juice fruits early before they go bad.

Fruit juices are available in grocery stores and even made by fruit vendors. As you look to make your own fresh juice at home, what are some of the things you need to know before you buy a fruit juicer?

1. Cost

In most cases, the quality of an appliance determines its price. The better the quality, the higher the price, and it’s the same with fruit juices. Those with amazing quality make sure that most of the nutrients are locked in. 

However, you can still use an average juicer, depending on what you are looking for. You also need to keep In mind that juicing is quite an expensive affair depending on how often you juice. If you plan to do it daily, the more fruits you buy and the better the results.

2. Noise

Ever heard the noise the juicer could produce and how comfortable are you around the noise? Centrifugal juicers can make quite a noise. Twin gear and cold press make less noise. There are also juicers made in a way that no noise is produced. You go for what you want.

3. Cleaning

You may hear good things about how good a juicer is, but when it comes to cleaning, you can bet what a hustle it is. The higher the quality, the harder to clean because several pieces have been placed in for better functioning. If cleaning stresses you out, and then opt for a fruit juicer with fewer pieces.

4. Nutrients

As mentioned earlier, different juicers offer different results on nutrient value. Some may leave out some essentials, while other varieties make sure you obtain all the essentials found in fruit. What are you looking to achieve? If it’s to improve your health, then find the type that will ensure that.

Also, consider the fruits you will be juicing more often and if your juicer option can stand it.

5. Size

You need to have a safe space to keep your juicer, and its size will determine where you store it. The length of the cord as well. The size also plays a part in the amount of juice you’ll make, and the time it will require you to finish the process. If the chute is small, that means you will require more time to chop the fruits into considerable size.

6. Speed

Twin gear and cold press juicers are quite slow compared to centrifugal juicers. The slower ones, however, make sure that you get the results you desired with more nutritious juice. It, however, takes so much of your time as you wait for the process to complete.

You should therefore know what you want. Are you after the nutritious juice that takes time, or you having other things to do?

Juicers have different speeds, and also, the pace matters with the kind of fruit being worked on.