Things To Know Before You Buy Prescription Fashion Glasses Online


You might think that the warnings about buying prescription glasses or fashion eyeglasses online are only out there because the retail and mortar and brick operations don’t want to lose business. But if you are going to buy any type of prescription lenses online, you do have to know what to look for, what to beware of, and what you will need to order the right glasses. Although they might be cheaper, there are many times that you get what you pay for. And when it comes to your eyes, you shouldn’t go for the least inexpensive option just to save money if it will hurt your eye health.

When you go to an optician’s office, not only do you have the doctor who can guide you through the process, you have a professional standing right in front of you. You can also try on the glasses to ensure they are a great fit. That isn’t to say that you can’t find fashion glasses online that are just as good; it just means that if you are going to buy online you need to proceed with caution.

How to get started when finding fashion eyeglasses online

When you are shopping for prescription eyeglasses online, most sites will give you photos and a description of the material the frames are made from. They will have a description of the lenses and other features like hinges. Be very cognizant of what the details say, instead of glossing over them just because you like the look of the glasses. There are also some online retailers that will ask about what type of lens coating you want. It is a good idea to know what the terms mean so that you know which ones are right for you. If you don’t know, make sure to google terms like “anti-reflective coating” to know what they mean and whether you want those options or not.

What about accurate PD measurements?

The way that the eyeglasses are positioned around your eyes is what determines how well you will be able to see through them. Your glasses should rest directly in front of your pupils. If they don’t, then you aren’t going to get the clearest vision possible. If you have your eyeglasses customized at a retail store, then you don’t have to worry about positioning; that is the technician’s job and is done by taking specific measurements of your face. If you order eyeglasses online, you are going to miss out on having the customized fit that is so important.

How to know if they are comfortable

Sure, fashion is great, but if you need to wear eyeglasses everyday then they have to be comfortable, or they will likely make you miserable. If you don’t at least try the glasses on, you might be extremely disappointed when they come in the mail. Most people have to try on several pairs of eyeglasses to find the right fit and the one that fits their individual character. This means that even if they look great online, they might not look so good on you. If you are going to order your glasses online, it might behoove you to go to a retail center first and settle on a pair before you hit the internet to shop around, so you know what style looks best and feels comfortable.

What if they aren’t right or you just can’t wear them?

If you go to a retail store or optometrist to order your glasses, if they aren’t the right prescription or you just can’t live with them, in most instances the retailer will do what they can to find you another pair or to make the necessary adjustments. If you order them online, read the fine print carefully. You will want to ensure that you can send them back or get a refund if they aren’t right or if you can’t use them. If not, then no matter how much you save, you aren’t really saving anything if you can’t wear them – you’re just throwing money out the window.

Everyone wants to save money, especially on something that can cost a lot – but your eyes are way too important to save pennies at the risk of ruining your eye health. If you are going to buy fashion glasses online, then it is imperative that you know what you are getting yourself into, read the return policy, and choose the right frames for your face before you begin to shop around.