Things to Watch Out for When Purchasing Shed Plans Online


Perhaps you’ve made the decision to build your own shed. You’ve been shopping for shed plans online, but you’ve found that there are a lot of options to choose from. How do you know which one to pick? A lot of people find themselves confused and stumped once they see how many different choices are available. Maybe you can relate to that. 

The reality is that not all shed plans are the same. You can find thorough and useful shed plans online, but you can also find some that prove to be a waste of money. Let’s talk about what you need to watch out for as you shop for shed plans online. 


Make Sure the Shed Plan Includes Instructions for Your Foundation

There may be some cases when you don’t necessarily need a foundation for your shed. For example, a lot of experts believe that if your shed is 8’x6’ or smaller, it doesn’t. But most people find that they need something much larger in order to meet their needs. In those instances, it’s important to have a solid foundation for the shed to be built on. 

A foundation is important for your shed because it can protect it from groundwater damage as well as from pests. It also ensures that you have a strong, solid surface to build the shed on. If you are hoping that having a quality shed will increase your property value, a foundation is an absolute must. 

Sadly, a lot of online shed plans don’t include instructions on how to build the foundation. Or if they do, they may provide them separately, for an additional cost. If you’re shopping for shed plans on the Internet, it’s important to find companies that offer plans that include directions on building your foundation. It will save you a lot of time, not to mention, a lot of money. 

Choose Shed Plans That Make it Easy to Determine Your Expected Costs

One of the most important parts of building a shed is having a budget in mind. You need to know how much you will need to spend to build your shed from start to finish. Of course, they won’t be able to tell you exact costs because prices vary based on where you live. But your shed plan should give specific enough instructions about your materials so you can see if the shed fits within your budget. 

When you start your shed building project with your budget in mind before you even shop for a plan, that will make it a lot easier to find the right shed plan. There’s nothing worse than choosing a plan for a shed that you can’t afford to get started on right away. 

Look for Directions That are Thorough and Easy to Follow

It’s important to remember that not all shed plans are the same. Some include only basic information about the materials needed to build the shed. There are also some shed plans that have instructions that appear to be written so that only professionals can understand them. It’s important for you to steer clear of those; especially if you have never built your own shed before. 

The best online shed plans are those that have clear instructions about every step of the project. So for example, they clearly show you how to: 

  • Buy the exact materials you need to build your shed.
  • Gather all of the necessary tools you’ll need for your project.
  • Build the foundation for your shed. 
  • Construct your shed’s walls. 
  • Put on the shed’s roof. 

Ideally, your shed plan should have several pages that break everything down, step by step. It should be designed by a certified carpenter or someone who works in construction. That way you know you can trust your instructions to be accurate. 

Be on the Look Out for Bad Company Reviews

As you shop for shed plans online, you may find that many of the websites you see look very much the same. But some of the best information you’ll learn can be found by searching for company reviews from current and former customers. 

Google and Facebook are two great places to start your search for company reviews. You’ll want to look at all of the ones that highly recommend the company you’re considering. But make sure that you also read the ones from customers who had problems. Ask yourself these questions as you search: 

  • What did customers find problematic about the company or their shed plans? 
  • Are there any reviews that discuss their level of customer service? 
  • What lessons have other customers learned from buying shed plans from the company? 
  • Are the problems they experienced something that should concern you before you make a purchase? 

Opt for Plans That Include Instructions for Doors, Windows and Any Extras

If you’re planning to build a shed for your yard, it makes sense to build something beautiful that can be both functional and eye-catching. This is a big project and you want to be proud of it when it’s all done. Adding windows, doors and other extras to your shed can really make it stand out from other sheds. If that’s something you think you might like, you’ll want to find shed plans that include those instructions. 

This will save you a lot of money because while many companies do have plans for doors and windows, they may be an additional cost. But there are companies that offer these plans as a part of the entire shed plan package. 

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