Things You Didn’t Know About Canada


There’s no denying the fact that our northern neighbors, the Canadians are the most stereotyped people and a lot has been said about Canada, but there is a lot more you don’t know. While they are known for their imperturbable ability to endure the frigid temperatures, their sweet tooth demeanor, or the fact that those guys apologize for just about everything and anything, did you know that the Canadians are extremely happy people or that they do not use pennies?


But, that is not all. If you are planning a trip North or just interested in learning about Canada, here are some of the interesting things you should know:

  • Their Cows and Milk

Once you set foot in Canada, you will have to buy your milk in a bag because that is how they do it there – milk is not packed in cartons as it is in America. If buying milk, know that you will purchase one large 4-liter bag of milk that comes with three smaller bags. When you get home, you have to put that milk in the pitcher.

On that note, we have to talk about their cows because they are a special breed in that – unlike cows from the rest of the world, the cows in Canada aren’t injected with artificial hormones. Canada does not allow the use of growth of hormones for their cows, whether they are intended for use or sale. Their cows are fed with organic food.

  • The Sweet-tooth Bit

Yes, Canadian’s love sweet and savory stuff, as seen in their love for doughnuts. Wondering if we can back our allegations? Well, Yes. The country has more donut shops-per-capita, compared to other countries.

Other than donuts, Canadians love macaroni, and they eat their Kraft Mac & Cheese more than any other nation, in the whole world.

  • Canada and Canadians Own Santa

The next time your kids ask about Santa’s home, think Canada. Why? Well, Santa Clause is registered as a Canadian citizen, as recorded by the Canadian Government.

  • High-quality universal healthcare and education systems

While others struggle with Medicare Plans and whether or not it will last forever, Canada offers universal healthcare to all its citizen’s thanks to their taxpayers-funded Medicare model which ensures that the citizens do not have to use any co-payment system for emergencies or impromptu hospital visits.

Regarding education, Canada is the best-educated nation with more than half of Canadian adults having a college education. Nothing beats that, right?

  • Online Casinos and Gambling

According to, over 70 percent of the Canadian population gambles. And although online gambling remains a grey area in Canada, a few provinces have, over the past few years, started their own online casinos. Unfortunately, some of these casinos suggest that offline operators are in the business (in the country) illegally. The law does not, however, say anything or support these arguments.

While the Canadian Criminal Code notes that it is illegal to be in a betting house or to run a betting house, this law is regarded as outdated by many factions. With the first fully-online-operated casino launches in 2012 in British Columbia, it appears that more online casinos will be created in the future.

Regarding regulation, you might be pleased to know that The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (an online casino regulatory body) operates within Canada. Although it is technically regarded as an independent governing body, it regulates all the Canadian casino sites. This is because it is a highly-regarded and the go-to online casino regulator, worldwide.

The Canadian Gaming Commission is the other regulatory body for the Canadian gambling scene.

  • Scary Canada

Before you take that trip up north, you need to know about the scary bits of this beautiful country.

First, the Lake Monsters of Canada. Other than Scotland which is known for its monstrous sea monster, the Canadian lakes promise you quite the scary spectacle with its lake monsters which play hide-and-seek in the lakes within British Columbia.

There also is the Haunted Jail Cell which has dank walls hiding secrets, as well as ghosts. Canada also has many scary-sounding places like the Burnt Arm, Poison Creek, Goblin, Skull Creek, Destruction Bay, Hatchet Cove, Gore Bay, as well as the Coffin Cove.

  • Horse Island

Canada is easily the only nation in the world with an island that is only dedicated to horses. It is located in Nova Scotia, Halifax and the average citizen is not allowed on the island (Sable Island). The island is a very fragile ecosystem and is home to at least 400 Sable Island Horses. Only five humans watch over the horses.

The other interesting bits you didn’t know about Canada include:

  1. It’s the home to the first UFO Landing Pad in the world
  2. Columbus was not the first person to find Canada, a Norwegian Viking, Leif Erikson was
  3. It is illegal for you to lock the car doors in Churchill, Manitoba because of the large number of polar bears which pose a threat to public safety.
  4. Canada is the home to SNOLAB, the world’s second-deepest, underground atomic laboratory.

So, there you have it – a peek into the interesting things you didn’t know about Canada!