Things you didn’t know about the football


What you surely know is that the football is still the most popular sport worldwide. However, this is only the most basic fact. What’s interesting is that there are people who, believe it or not, plan their entire life according to the football. This is only an introduction so you can get its real importance. For a plenty of fans all around the world a football match is more than just nineteen minutes of game. They can’t afford themselves the sin of missing a game. Otherwise they feel guilty and consider it like a cheating on their favorite football club.

Yet another well known fact which surely everyone knows is that Real Madrid is the most popular football club in the entire world. A fair  proof of this fact is the beautiful “The club of the century” recognition that shines on the club’s museum shelf. However, there are plenty of facts you have barely heard of. When you study this beautiful game better you eventually get when they say “Football is life”.

The very first ones who have invented the football as a sports game were the Chinese. This happened 476 years BC.
Even the basketball players used a football ball at the very beginning of this game. The matches were played with such a ball. Later on it became replaced with the typical one we see nowadays on a basketball game.
The Brazilian magician, Ronaldinho, became famous after one single match. To be more precise, he himself has scored all the 23 goals of the match that ended with a result 23:0. He just couldn’t do it better.
The football ball remained unchanged during the last 120 years. Its design and outer look varies from league to league, however, the size and the weight remained the same.
As much as 80% of the football balls you are most likely to find all around the world are produced in Pakistan. Therefore Pakistan is the most famous country for football balls production.
Almost all the professional football clubs in the world have typical nicknames. Well, as much as 27 clubs have chosen a Beatles’ song title as their nickname. One of the most significant is the Spanish Villareal’s nickname. They call themselves “The Yellow Submarine”.
It seems like the Europeans are so good in playing football. A fair fact is that an European national team has played in all the World Cup’s finals but in 1930 and 1950.
An average football player runs about 9,65 km per match.
In the past the goalkeepers used to wear a same colored kit as the rest of their teammates until 1913.
The country with most played tournaments in football is Bangkok. In 1999 there were as much as 5,098. The number of players is even more surprising. A total of 35.000 football players made part of it.
The history and the research show that the fastest goal ever to be scored on a football match is in only 2,8 seconds after the start whistle. The hero of the goal is Ricardo Olivera from Uruguay. This is by far the earliest goal in the history of the football.