Things you didn’t know about the successful marriages


When you see couple you can easily recognize whether they are happy together indeed or they fake it. It can be seen not only on the social media but in their private life as well. Such couples tend to support one each other. Their communication is one of the most important tools while the jokes are the strawberry on the top of the cake.

But what about the details that make these couples so successful? What do they do in order to keep balance? How do they survive their crisis? Do they actually have them?


According to the science, there are plenty of random things that affect the quality of the marriage. Some of them sound even bizarre, however, it’s something that most of the happy couple posses.

Big wedding ceremony

The University of Virginia made a research exactly on that. Couples to get married were analyzed and observed. In the research were included people who, by chance, live in the United States. The goal of the survey was to see the connection between the happy marriage and their past. One of the things that stood out was the couple’s wedding ceremony. A total of 418 couples were observed. The analyze showed up that the big and formal wedding ceremony has a lot to do with the happiness and the quality of the marriage. According to the experts, the happiness on the people depended on the number of the guests rather than the money they have spent on the wedding itself.


Attractive bride

Is there anything else to be added on this topic? A four year long survey’s goal was to observe 450 new marriages. After the first four years of marriage the men were asked whether the attractiveness of the woman pays a role in the couple’s overall happiness. They couldn’t agree more. On the other hand, the women didn’t share the same opinion. They don’t consider this fact as very important.


Different hobbies

How important are the mutual activities and interests? It is surprising the number of people who believe that once the couple gets married, they have to do everything together. However, if there is an activity your partner is not that into, it is better to do it on your own. Moreover, it is healthy and much necessary to spend time separate. Each one should spend enough time with his friends. This is partly in order to have time to miss each other. On the other hand, it is not recommendable at all to leave your friends apart once you get married. Actually each of the parties has to keep with his personal life just like before the marriage.


Delaying the parenthood

Plenty of parents claim that having children has only strengthened their relationship. However, a survey shows that the couples that procrastinate the act of having children tend to be happier than the ones who are in a hurry for it. This fact makes sense after all. To be a parent is such an important role in life, therefore you should not do it before you feel ready to look after a child.