Things you should be aware of when taking a shower


Who would have said that the simple daily routines could hide some things we should be aware of?

There surely exist people who take a shower even twice a day.That’s all fine but there are some things one should be aware of, especially if he practices taking a shower every day. Sometimes the way one takes a shower can affect his health even though he might not even be aware of this. Believe it or not, there is a right way to take a shower if you would like to do it every single day.

The following are some of the secrets one should know about the every day shower:

You don’t have to wash everything when taking a shower

Your body keeps clean way longer than you believe it does. If you practice taking a shower every single day, it is enough to do it with a single soap cover. This is only in order to clean the vivid dirt from your body and skin. You have to pay more attention and clean every single part of your body only twice a week, which is enough.

The water that’s too hot can damage your skin

We all love hot showers, especially when it’s cold outside. However, it is then when we should practice hot showers less. It is difficult to resist this, but for the sake of your own skin, its beauty and health you should consider avoiding it. The reason is that you are likely to lightly burn your skin just because it’s cold outside and you want to warm your body the fastest way possible. The irritation after this can be unpleasant.

The perfumed cosmetics is most likely to irritate your skin than any other

The soaps, gels and shampoos with an excellent smell are amazing. However, their effect on your body can be fatal. The dermatitis and the allergies afterwards are something you do not want to experience for sure.

Use moisturizing lotion after taking the shower

This is especially recommendable if you practice taking a shower very often, even twice a day. The reason is that you clean and wash the natural moisture from your body which is necessary and inevitable. By using moisturizing lotion after taking the shower you bring back the moisture to your body and stimulate the natural way of hydration. It is important not to dry the whole water form your body. Leave some drops uncleaned instead.



Beware of the infections

If you use your private bathroom or the one you share with your closest family, that’s fine. However, if you tend to use common bathroom with more people, at least use some plastic flip flops in order to protect your feet. Avoid the direct contact with the floor if you are barefoot. There are some skin and bacterial infections that can “survive” even in the cleanest bathrooms you’ll ever see.

The soap is more hydrant than the gel 

The shower gels, the foams and the creams can easily dry your skin. Use soaps instead. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of soaps, at least be careful with the products you buy and pay close attention to the ingredients.