Things You Should Look Out for in Portable Granny Flats


Cheap portable granny flats are the best option for the elderly who want to live a peaceful retired life away from the main family. This is where all amenities for their comfort and security are added and modified. The building contractors, architects, and interior designers consider the tastes and budgets of their clients while constructing these granny flats. Many people prefer to buy factory-made cheap portable granny flats due to their mobility and elegant designs. These flats are economical, easy to build, they can enhance livability, or you can rent it out as well.

Benefits of Portable Granny Flats

  • No frills living: Say hello to hassle-free, no-frills minimal lifestyle. With cheap portable granny flats, you can move in with only your things and not worry about cluttering or space issues. It’s very minimal and spacious living.
  • Customized flats: These flats are made of tasteful functional and convenient items suited for elderly living. Every kitchen utility and every light fixture is useful as well as trendy.
  • Stylish designs: Innovative architectural designs are highly desirable for constructing all the granny flats, which are both structurally and functionally attractive for retired people. Usually, all cheap portable granny flats consist of an open lounge or living area just after the front door, dining space and kitchen, single or multiple bedrooms with attached baths, as well as a deck or balcony.
  • Sub-letting: You can even sub-let or rent out your cheap portable granny flat and earn extra income. These flats will be a huge hit among youngsters and couples looking for cheap accommodation with all utilities.
  • Privacy and space: Moving into portable granny flats give privacy to the elderly as well as their children. Living life on their own terms is the right of every individual. Space and privacy are essential to make bonds stronger and provide opportunities for more social gatherings.
  • Creating own office space: Tired of commuting to work? Not getting enough rest at home. If a tired “yes” is the response to these questions, then get up and look out for cheap portable granny flats.
  • Portability: The fact that you have a moveable comfortable house with you is reassuring. With this, you can crash in for some private space or just be on your own wherever you go.

Look Out for these Things Before Moving into these Flats

  • Responsibilities: There might be issues with the sharing of responsibilities and it might hamper your relations with the elderly or with the people living currently with you. You may regret your decisions, or they might. Unless there’s a consensus, granny flats are not an option worth considering.
  • Finances: You better ensure there are enough savings and cash to live independently in portable granny flats. Otherwise, it’s a financial strain on your savings and other family members as well.
  • Legacy rights: It’s important to solve questions about what to do with the flats if the resident dies or decides to move out. Otherwise, it’s going to be a big wastage.
  • Safety and security: While most granny flats are attached to the main house and family, there are still others located in secluded places. Ensure that you install top-notch security systems to keep away miscreants, intruders and to keep a watch on your flat 24×

Summing Up the Idea of Portable Granny Flats

These flats are constructed in a smaller area, henceforth if you give them high ceilings and attractive outdoor visual this will make them feel bigger than they are. Deciding to build a granny flat is easier and comes with so many benefits.