Three Great Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal


Which hair removal technique is the best is a hot topic. While there are competing views about the answer, laser hair removal is popular due to its inventive way of removing hair. While laser hair removal can be considered an effective hair removal method, there are some downsides to the procedure that alternative methods can address. Let’s go over the basics of what laser hair removal does and three great alternatives you can try instead.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that must be done in a spa, medical spa, or laser clinic. Through selective photothermolysis, laser hair removal uses the heat from the laser to destroy the hair at its root by essentially vaporizing it. The procedure is non-invasive and shouldn’t cause pain other than some warmth, but it does need to be done by a professional and certain precautions must be followed. This method requires going in for appointments numerous times over several months, and then booking regular upkeep appointments, so it’s not the most time or cost effective method. This is why there are alternative options.

#1: An At-Home IPL Hair Removal Handset

IPL hair removal is a new at-home treatment option that wins in every regard. With a single-purchase Lumi hair removal device, you can get permanent results in just a few treatments from the comfort of your home. Intense pulsed light (IPL) stops the growth of hair at the root like laser removal does, except Lumi can be safely used by you! 

Through repetitive use, hair growth is slowed and then stopped (although you might need to do some minor upkeep like with laser hair removal). Results should be complete within twelve uses of the Lumi machine, but the effects on your hair growth will start working immediately. 

The Lumi IPL machine is one of the fastest hair removal techniques at an estimated 30 minutes for the whole body a few times per week. It also prevents ingrown hairs and is safe for even sensitive skin (no more razor burn!). Lumi is completely painless and safe for any part of your body, so you no longer need to worry about strangers removing hair from your private areas. And it’s a one-time purchase compared to a lifetime of using other methods.

#2: Shaving

Shaving has to be on the list as a viable hair removal option because every person has experience with it. There are certainly more enjoyable methods of hair removal (like the Lumi), but compared to laser hair removal, shaving costs less and can be done at home. The good news about shaving is that it’s simple, doesn’t cost much, and only requires a few items (water, soap or another lather, and a razer). You can put the bare minimum into shaving or make it more enjoyable with nice shaving cream (and always a sharp razor).

While shaving is simple and cost-effective, it also takes a lot of time, and for the most enjoyable experience, you probably want to give your skin a bit more love than just soap, water, and razor. And even after giving yourself the star shaving treatment, there’s no guaranteed way to prevent ingrown hairs or razor burn. 

The best kind of shaving we like to do is small touch ups when needed. It’s a huge ordeal to have to shave everywhere at once when you also have a bit of a build up of hair. One tiny little razor has to cover a lot of ground.

#3: Waxing

Waxing is on the list as an alternative to laser hair removal because it has worked for a lot of people to lessen their hair growth, but it’s far from the most enjoyable method. In fact, waxing is the most painful hair removal option, although the pain may somewhat lessen over time as the hair follicles weaken. But be prepared for pain, regardless.

Waxing is a good alternative to laser hair removal because it also gives you an overall reduction in hair growth in the area you’re targeting for a lower cost. Waxing lasts longer than shaving at anywhere between three and six weeks between treatments. Hair follicles are immediately weakened, resulting in less hair growth.

If you’re not familiar with waxing, it can remove hair on the face or body (no areas are off limits) by spreading hot wax onto the skin so it adheres to the hairs, applying a strip onto the top of the wax for grip, and ripping it up (taking the hair with it). Waxing removes the hair out from its roots, which is why there’s pain (the pain depends on your tolerance). For a good wax you generally need to go into a salon, although there are at-home alternatives you can try. Like with laser hair removal, but unlike with shaving and Lumi, waxing requires another person to administer the hair removal, no matter which area you’re targeting. 


Rest assured that there are hair removal alternatives to laser hair removal that are faster, cheaper, and more convenient. Of these three options, we know you’ll find one that works great for you!