Three Main Causes of Blocked Drains


Blocked drains are one of those problems, which can become a big mess if not handled timely. If there are any drainage issues in your house or building or even on streets, it can cause a lot of trouble if not dealt immediately. However, one should deal with it with proper equipment and experience. It not only just causes trouble of cleaning up the mess; it hampers day-to-day functions, encourages the growth of unhealthy and foul-smelling bacteria, and can lead to serious accidents when ignored for too long.

At least a homemaker will definitely experience such blocked drains issues once in their lifetime and such nuisance is bound to create health issues. Thus, for maintaining sanitation and healthy environment, it is important to keep a regular check on the clogging of drains and be aware of the elements that cause such problems because as the famous saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Below are the reasons behind the clogging of drains in most of the household: 

  • Hair: If the drains are clogged by hair, then you must immediately clean up the mess because once the drain is blocked then there is no end to it. The hair, if not removed, will only increase the clogging. It will initially slow down the flow and later stop the flow all at once. Hair flowing down in sinks or basins and showers are the most common reason behind blocked drains and if it is not cleared beforehand, then it causes serious drainage issues down the line. To avoid such situations, you can pull the hair out by hand, wearing gloves if there is a minor clogging. Or else, you can purchase a device that will pull the hair out of the drain if it is too deep. The main motive is to not to let it enter the drainpipes in order to avoid serious clogging.

  • Grease and Fat: Just like hair grease and fat are also the common reasons behind blocked drains. They also build-up clogging eventually in drains and pipes. They stick to the pipes and keep on accumulating if not checked upon regularly. At the initial stage, it will slow down the drainage and later, it will stop the flow in drains in the worst case. These substances not only block the drains, but also encourage foul odor, which is not good for the health. Thus, it has to be clear and sanitized regularly. The only way to avoid such clumsy situations is to try not to dispose of fatty and greasy ingredients as much as possible. This grease, which is washed down the drain, cools down, and deposit in the pipe and hardens it eventually. Thus, it is preferable to discard all your greasy waste in small containers and throw it away with your garbage in order to avoid blocked drains.

  • Bad Installation and Poor Workmanship: Installation of pipes is a fragile and attentive task as any distraction can cause many problems later. Often, it happens that improper installation or poor workmanship leads to blocked drains. If they are not fitted with proper care and attention, then the pipes can be misplaced and cause leakages, changes in water pressure, and many more problems that are critical. It is also noticed that many homemakers try to fit and adjust the pipes by themselves by using do-it-yourself tips and tricks, which has lately increased a lot of problems and accidents related to blocked drains. In order to save money by reducing the cost of installation, they have to spend more on repairing those same drains. Thus, it is advisable to get a professional engineer or plumber to fit and install all the parts correctly and accurately so that no such problems arise in future.

Hope you like the above-mentioned reason and understand all the things about block drains. Try to solve it yourself.