Three products that keep you from having grassy hair


If you are one of these people who deals with the problem of having grassy hair you probably read a lot about how to prevent it. Making a pony tale can be a short term solution, however we are looking for something permanent. It is uncomfortable when you have an important meeting or a event and you have no idea what to do with your hair. Sometimes not even washing your hair very often is the solution.

On the other hand, the experts claim that the food is the cure for everything. The healthier your diet, the better your look. Consuming fast food, a lots of sugar, flour, fried food and refined carbohydrates is what worsens the situation. Even the salt and the milk products are not recommendable if you are looking for a solution anti grassy hair.


Well, the following products can land you a hand when the care of your hair is in question:

Food rich with B and E vitamin

Both the vitamin B and E are of crucial importance for the skin and hair care. They don’t only stimulate the growth of your hair but regulate the secretion of fat. Food like been, fruits and vegetables is rich with vitamin B. This can help you keep a good care of your hair. On the other hand the vitamin E could be found in the green veggies, sunflower seeds and nuts.


Food rich with zinc

Our body doesn’t need too much zinc. Small quantities are fine because this mineral doesn’t get stored inside our body. The good news is that by consuming zinc products more often, you decrease the fat secretion to a great extend. You can just as well use zinc supplements or you can increase the usage of eggs and oat.


Good fats

To deal with grassy hair problems is such a normal and common thing. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop consuming fats. The facts actually are very important components for the normal functioning of the body. You just have to bare in mind the quantities and that’s it. You can easily recognize what type of food should you avoid. The one that hardens on a room temperature is the one you should avoid consuming. Therefore the butter, the margarine and the animal fat are big no no. Change them for good fats instead that can be found in the nuts, vegetable oil and some types of fish.



If you follow the tips above and stick to them, you will need less than ten days before you see the very first result. Moreover, learn how to listen to your body. The food you are not suppose to use, or use it in small quantities normally shows off on your skin. Your body easily rejects what you shall not consume. On the other hand, if you try consuming healthier food, your overall health will improve. You will feel better both from the inside and from the outside. Drink more water, eat well and take care of your body as it is your eternal home.