Three reasons to visit Scotland: From castles to monsters


Scotland is one of the four nations of the United Kingdom, sharing a border with England. It’s the northern part of the British isles and despite having a population of just shy of six million, it is quite the player on the global scene. The Scots have helped to shape the world as we know it today, responsible for several inventions, including Tarmac, the light bulb, television and the steam engine. But what of modern Scotland? 

Are the nation’s glory days firmly in the past or does this great and proud nation still have something to offer? As the national anthem promises, “we can still rise now, and be the nation again”. The people of Scotland are patriotic, fun-loving, humorous and famous for their warm hospitality. The best way to put that reputation to the test is to visit Scotland, either on vacation or to travel the country.

Yes, the Scots have made an impact on human history, but what about the modern Scotland? What does it have to offer and what will you enjoy on a visit to the country? In this article, we look at three places you should visit in Scotland on vacation. The places in this list are accessible, covering sport, culture, history and even mythology. From the stands at Hampden Park cheering on the Scotland national soccer team and legally betting on the outcome at a betting app recommended by a sportsbook review to getting lost in the ancient closes and alleys of the capital city. 

The great thing about a visit to Scotland is it’s a holiday you create yourself. The country and all its beauty are ready and waiting. The people are welcoming and always happy to help. All that’s left to decide is how you plan on enjoying Scotland. Will you visit the castles and soak up the history, go monster hunting, or take in a major sporting event in the city. You are in complete control of how you discover Scotland and after visiting the country you’ll quickly realise one trip just isn’t enough.

To help you get a feel for the diversity of Scotland, this article lists three different things you can do during a visit to the country. This will give you a glimpse of the nation’s history, its love for sport and its magical side.

The Scots have helped to shape the world as we know it today, responsible for several inventions, including Tarmac, the light bulb, television and the steam engine. But what of modern Scotland?

Hampden – Glasgow

Hampden is the home of the Scottish national soccer team and it also stages the final of club competitions the Scottish Cup and League Cup. Hampden can be found in Glasgow, just a few minutes’ walk from Mount Florida train station. Its also easily accessible by car, taxi and bus. You can visit Hampden on game night and soak up the atmosphere. 

Scotland fans are known as the Tartan Army and are famous the world over for their passion, loyalty and their love of celebrating. The team is performing well and you can be sure of a full house at Hampden. This venue will give you a reliable account of the country’s love of sport.

Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh, complete with its castle. The old and new cities are built around the foot of the ancient castle which towers above the residents, pubs, clubs, art galleries and shops. There is no getting away from this building as it sees everything that goes on in Edinburgh.

Marvel at the castle while enjoying the city or take a walk up the steep hill and visit the building which is the home of the Scottish crown jewels. The place makes history come alive and there’s plenty to talk about when you are given a guided tour.

Loch Ness – Highlands

Fancy catching sight of the monster that lurks in Loch Ness? Is it a myth or does a leftover from the time of the dinosaurs swim beneath the surface of this huge lake? There are multiple sightings every year from tourists and there are even full-time monster hunters who study the loch and its inhabitants.

Loch Ness is a large freshwater body of water in the Scottish highlands near the city of Inverness. The waters are particularly murky with low visibility due to the high levels of peat in the soil surrounding the loch. If you were a monster from millions of years ago, you wouldn’t find too many better places to hide. But she does pop up now and again.