Three Things Businesses Should Know About a Car Before Buying


Before a business adds an automobile to their fleet, it is important that they take steps to ensure that it is the right vehicle for them. Additionally, they will want to ensure that it is safe, reliable and has no hidden past. Discovering this information in the used car industry can be tricky, but these are the three things that all businesses need to know and how to find out before making the purchase.


It can be easy to look for scratches and take the automobile for a test drive, but knowing its exact condition can be much more challenging. It could be harbouring a mechanical issue which could cause a host of problems down the line, so it is important to fully assess the condition of the car before buying. The best way to do this is to hire a mechanic to give their assessment of the vehicle – this ensures that you are getting a roadworthy vehicle and also provides peace of mind.

Vehicle History

You can inspect the vehicle and get a mechanic to look over it, but it could still have a hidden past that comes back to haunt you. The automobile could be recorded as stolen, having outstanding finance, previously been written off amongst all kinds of other secrets. These secrets could be costly and leave you with an illegal and/or unsafe vehicle, so it is vital that a vehicle history check is carried out. Companies like HPI provide detailed history checks which will uncover any hidden secrets and ensure that you are buying a safe, clean and legal automobile.

MOT History

The MOT history is like a medical history and this is vital information for businesses to obtain. The MOT history will indicate if there have previously been any major issues or recurring problems, which could lead to more problems once you become the owner. An automobile that has passed its MOTs indicates that it has been well looked after and should not cause you too much grief. Be sure to read through any advisory notes and be wary of a car that has failed multiple MOTs. You can also obtain these through companies like HPI.

These are the three things that all businesses need to check before adding to their fleet. Navigating the used car market can be stressful and difficult with a lot of fraudulent sellers to be aware of, but with a little patience and carrying out checks you can shop with confidence.