Three Ways Parents Can Make Sure Their Kids Stay Active and Entertained This Autumn


During the summer’ months, you don’t have work at keeping the kids active – you can barely keep think indoors, but as soon as the temperature drops and the nights begin to draw in, keeping them active becomes increasingly difficult.

The autumn, though, really is a great time to get the kids outside and enjoy the changing of the seasons, but you might find yourself limited to just a few options e.g. walking in the woods, visiting heritage sites, walking in the woods… see what I mean?

So here’re some ideas that may help you keep the kids off their iPads and iPhones for a short time and get active too boot:

No.1 Over the past few years, skateboarding has become increasingly popular, and something the whole family can enjoy, too. There are many skateparks across the UK – the majority of which are indoors, which, if you’re planning on staying active throughout autumn and winter, might not be such a bad thing. lists 10 Of The Best Places To BMX & Skateboard In The Country. If there isn’t a skatepark near you, don’t let that stop you, all you need is a smooth surfaced area of pavement to get you started.

You can easily get kitted with a skateboard and accessories by visiting an online store such as Skatehut who has a fantastic range for beginners through to experts and with next day delivery.

No.2 The government, too, is keen for us to keep our kids active and supports a variety of programmes around the UK to do just that. Schemes such as Fit for sport, encourage children join in a full range of activities, which are carefully supervised and monitored. You can assess your child’s activity level with the Activity Challenge to see how they fare. Fit for sport has a full calendar of events for the autumn half term and are taking bookings now.

No. 3 Remember the YMCA? No, not the Village People’s version, the clubs and hostels dotted all around the UK. They offer a fantastic range of activities for kids including ballet, basketball, football, short tennis, yoga, swimming, trampolining and martial arts such as Aikido and the less known Capoeira. Their aim is to encouraging kids (from four to 13) to get and stay active to ensure they develop co-ordination, fitness and social skills within a relaxed and enjoyable setting. See their website for details.