Three ways to calm down a brain when overthinking


Everyone’s purpose is to feel good and satisfied. To be in a good humor is the key to this. However, there are times when we start thinking about something and we end up overthinking it. This usually leads to bad humor, sadness or even depression. Therefore it is good to know a way how to avoid such a thing. Learning how to calm down a brain when overthinking is half health. It might take time until one gets able to control his mind but it’s something worth practicing. Your head, heart, health and body will be thankful for not draining them anymore.

So if you are one of the plenty of overthinkers worldwide, check the following tips:

  1. Forbid yourself being sad

When you are facing a problem or going through a stressful situation your brain gets more active than usual. It tends to repeat one and the same situation over and over again. The worst thing is you even start plotting scenarios that, more often than not, never happen. This drains you too much and makes you even more stressed than you were at first place.

Try to share your problem with someone you consider it might help you. If the whole problem is about a particular person, the best thing is to speak directly with her. Trying to care less is another option that requires effort but is worth practicing.

If there is nobody you can talk to about the problem, then write it down. Write everything that frustrates you and talk about it loud when you are alone. The sooner it gets spoken about, the better you will feel because you do not hide it inside you anymore.

2. Keep yourself busy

If you find something that keeps you busy during a stressful period, you are half way to the success. At the end of the day you will feel tired because of what kept you busy, instead of overthinking. This way you keep your brain busy thinking about what you are doing which keeps away the problem itself.

You can go with cooking, writing, running, yoga, swimming or whatever you decide it fits with you. All this activities will get you in a better shape and physical health, not only keep you busy and avoid the overthinking process.

If you are a person that does not enjoy being physically active, try looking for some hidden talents you might have. Try being creative and get to know yourself better.

3. Let go and trust the Universe

There are some kinds of problems which are way too complicated for you to find a solution. All you have to do is forget about its solution at all. Sometimes the harder you try to find it, the further you get from it.

If you learn how to be disciplined and let go of the expectations about its solution, you are closer to the goal. The trick is that sometimes you have to believe and have faith harder than just trying harder. The solution will come when you expect it less.

This does not mean you give up on your will or you ignore the problem. It just means you trust enough so you are relaxed. The sooner you understand this, the faster the results will come.