Tiling On A Budget


Redecorating a bathroom or kitchen can sometimes cost more than you may have originally planned. From pictures and fittings to accessories and decoration, a redesign can leave you feeling as though you’ve burned some holes in your pockets. There are ways of cutting back costs however and one of the best ways to do this is by using some noticeably cost effective tiles. In order to do this there are two key point to consider both material and design.


In terms of the materials you should be looking for if you’re wanting to keep costs down would have to be a ceramic or a porcelain. Thanks to the continuing advancement in mass production of these tiles they are now the most widely available and diverse tile on the market. Porcelain tiles are clay based and exposed to intense heat in a kiln that makes them incredibly durable as well as being non-porous which protects them from water damage and scratches. Similarly, ceramic tiles are also clay based and therefore water resistant with great strength – perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Both of these tiles are incredibly alike with no one being better than the other. Their cheaper price tag makes them an attractive steal for those looking to redesign their home without breaking the bank.


When thinking about the design of your tiles you should consider its long lasting impact. An alternative or unique design might look beautiful now, but will it be able to stand the test of time when it comes to selling on your property. The trick is to pick a fairly normative look for your tiles so that they remain timeless and open to interpretation. While you may be redesigning your home to suit your tastes now, you will eventually be moving on to another property. It is therefore a good idea to instead seek personalisation through accessories and furniture as opposed to tile design. If you’re determined to use patterns and or unusual colours with your tiles, try a feature wall, splashback or border design so to remain within that safe appeal. As well as this, simple colours and patterns are often the cheaper variety, so will again help to keep your budget in check.

If you’re worried about a plain tile being too boring or unimaginative, try using a coloured border on your walls or floors that give a little flair of design. This will also afford you to chance to work with accent colours. A colour or mosaic border will add value to the appearance of your wall so is something to consider if colour is you’re main objective.

One tile in particular that continues to come up again and again within the interior design world is the metro tile. More specifically, the white metro tile. Their historical value and simplistic look offers you a multitude of design options in your home and act as a beautiful blank canvas from which you can build your own more complex looks. The metro tile is experiencing a surge of popularity at the moment thanks to the industrial chic and vintage aesthetics that are dominating the interiors world at the moment. The white metro tile is a timeless classic that will give you plenty to work with.

Working on a budget doesn’t mean you’re limited on options. Interior design has become far more achievable over recent years thanks to the mass production of home decor items. As such, you can get this professional looks in your own home with ease, including tiles. Tiling is a great way of building a base for your aesthetic and allows you the chance to create stunning looks, while still being able to count your pennies at the end of it all.