Tim Murawski Talks his Top 2 Skiing Destinations


Tim Murawski fully embodies the phrase, “work hard, play hard”. As a MedTech executive, Tim spends his days bringing new revolutionary technologies to market. But things don’t get less interesting after-hours. Along with being an avid barefoot water skier, Tim has cultivated a life-long appreciation of a variety of sports and outdoor activities. One activity that’s brought him a particular kind of zen during the pandemic has been snow skiing. 

The appeal of downhill skiing 

For Tim Murawski, one of the biggest joys of skiing is being able to escape the business world. As President, he often finds himself in the midst of hectic schedules and business travel. But in the great outdoors, the stress melts away. He explained it like this, “I think a lot of sporting activities just quiets my mind because… in the moment focusing on that [means letting go] no matter with my business life and the hectic travel. It just gives me the ability to just quiet my mind and just enjoy.”

Although barefoot water skiing is the sport he’s most passionate about, downhill skiing comes with its own perks and exhilarating moments. When speaking about the difference between the two activities, he said, “[Downhill skiing] is very different because when you’re barefoot water skiing, it’s going to be about what kind of condition you’re in, it’s maybe two minutes, two minutes of intensity, of high adrenaline, because you’re using every muscle in your body when you’re you barefoot water skiing.”

He continued, “ Whereas downhill skiing, it’s not as demanding, because if you’re in the mountains, it’s much longer. So I think the exhilaration that I get from downhill skiing is a combination of the beauty of the mountains, but then the ability to go super fast down the mountain.” 

For him, the sheer beauty of the surroundings and the chance to soak it all in is what creates that sense of serenity. “And so I enjoy the speed of it, as well as the, I guess, just some of the natural beauty that you can go to different places on the mountain, whether you’re skiing around trees or you’re just going down casually. I think there’s a wider variety of things that just take place on the mountain compared to the intensity of barefoot water skiing.” 

ski resort

Tim Murawski’s top skiing destinations

Not all ski lodges are created equal. From the quality of the powder to the overall scenery, there are a lot of factors that can shape a person’s experience on the slopes. And after years of experiencing different ski resorts, Tim Murawski said that a couple have truly stood out in his mind. Still, it was hard to pick favorites. “Wow. That’s a tough one,” he said. But ultimately he was able to narrow it down to two favorites. “I’d say my favorites, probably right at the top, are Steamboat Springs and Snowbird. So Steamboat Springs is in Colorado and Snowbird is in Utah. Those are probably my two favorites.”

When asked what made Steamboat Springs in northern Colorado stand out, he explained, “I like the feeling of Steamboat Springs. [It has] a little bit of a cowboy town kind of feeling to it. One of the country’s premier skiing destinations, the town has a rich history that has contributed to its popularity. 

At Snowbird, the appeal is all in the snow itself. “The powder skiing has been some of the best that I’ve ever encountered, multiple times.” And with a whole host of other activities like live music and a spa, there’s something everyone can get behind at this particular resort. 

While Tim makes a point to hit the slopes whenever possible, the past two years have made it a bit more difficult to get out and enjoy the mountains. “The pandemic kind of has been a bit of a brutal situation, but I’d say it’s typically, I’d like to go two to three times a year downhill skiing in the mountains. Whereas bare-footing, I probably go every weekend, every  Saturday, Sunday”. At least there’s always barefooting!

Tim Murawski beginner slope recommendation

Tim’s recommendations for beginners

When it comes to skiing itself, Tim Murawski has a few suggestions for those looking to get the most out of their first experience. To start, you’ll want to choose the right gear.”First, I would say make sure you have the best gloves to keep your hands warm, wear a helmet and appropriate goggles. As far as boots and skis go, just consult with the ski shop to make sure that you’ve got the right skis for your level of ability.” 

And while everyone has their own preference in terms of getting in the zone, Tim made it clear that for him, the best experiences are the ones where you fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. “Yeah, so I don’t listen to music,” he explained. “I think I’m listening to the wind, the crunch of the snow, it’s everything that’s happening around me. I listen to people. I hear the people, whether they’re excited, happy, they could be apprehensive. I listen to just the surroundings that I’m exposed to when I’m going down. And I absolutely think about not overplaying my hand, [and] ski within my ability, as well. I enjoy pushing myself but also staying within my ability.