Time To Trade Up? Signs Your Car Needs To Be Replaced


Cars are one of the most convenient aspects of modern life. They get you from A to B, usually without hassle, so you can get on with life. Whether it’s driving to work, or study, or to pick up the kids, or to head out on the town – you save time and effort with a car. In some places, like rural or remote regions of the country, a car is a must-have. Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to reliable public transport. But what if your car is close to giving up the ghost? It’s never a fun time, but cars don’t last forever. So, with the help of a mechanic from the Gold Coast, let’s check out some signs that it might be time to trade up.

When It’s at the Mechanics More than in Your Possession

If you find yourself taking regular trips to your mechanic, that may be a sign that it is time to buy a new or used car and scrap your old one. Regular trips to the mechanic can cost you a fair bit of money over time, and eventually, it will cost you more than the car is worth. A few minor repairs are okay, but if you find yourself taking regular trips back to the workshop then consider going car shopping.

If the Transmission Dies

Your car’s transmission system is what makes the gears work, and varies the speed in which your car travels. This is an essential part of any motor vehicle, but it’s often very expensive to repair. If your transmission fails and your car is no longer under warranty it often means that you’ll need to bite the bullet and get a new car. While repairable sometimes, it will cost into the thousands. If you’re spending more than the car is worth to sell it’s probably wise to sell your car for parts, pocket the difference and buy a new one.

Extensive Rusting

Rust is a death spell for any metal. Car frames and bodies are exclusively constructed out of metal. Rust can form after any major dent or if the paint is scratched or faded away. If your car has extensive rusting it is impossible to repair and you are best off selling what you can for parts and upgrading to a newer model.

Engine Seizure

There are several reasons your engine can seize and fail. Not keeping it adequately lubricated with oil is one – and this can be a common mistake for those not savvy with cars. Sometimes engines die with age too, and as we mentioned before every car has a lifespan. Whole engines can be ridiculously expensive to replace, and like the transmission, can cost thousands of dollars. If your engine dies and it will cost equal to or the value of the car to replace, you’re better off buying a newer vehicle.

A Stack of Mileage

Although most cars, when properly serviced and maintained, can last into the hundreds of thousands of kilometres, at some point most cars have just too much mileage. After certain mileage milestones, major repairs and part replacements need to occur. Each car will be different, but check with a qualified mechanic and see at what point it’s a good time to replace your wheels.

A Car Shopping Conclusion

There are a few things that point towards it being time to replace your car. If you find yourself coming back to the mechanics regularly, that’s a sign. If your transmission goes you’re best of buying a new machine. Extensive rusting is another sign of car death and it is one of the most common engine issues. Finally, sometimes a car has done so much mileage that it needs to be retired.