Timeless Wedding Dress Collection by Riki Dalal


Hey top dreamers! For today, I have a timeless wedding dress collection designed by Riki Dalal. It is called Valencia and I felt in love with it. I hope that you will like it too. So, if you are getting married soon and you are looking for the dress of your dreams, I recommend you to check this wedding dress collection out now! Enjoy!

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Riki Dalal is a popular Israel designer that began her career at the age of 17. In her early ages, she began to fulfill her dreams to became a world-renowned evening and wedding gown designer, and every day she created something extraordinary in the form of high fashion.

Apart from creating astonishing wedding and evening dresses, the designer made hundreds of pieces of clothes for popular dance schools all over the world and they can still be seen on the world stages every day.

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Celebrities has worn her magnificent designs and many of them has been featured on popular magazine covers too. As I said, this designer is well-known all around the world and her clientele include women from entertainment, business and sport industry. Her evening dresses are worn to many ceremonies and showcase events.

You can find her amazing designs with clean lines and luxury fabrics, in exclusive boutiques around the world. The lace used in her collections is produced especially for her designs.

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Her designs are made for those who are looking for the best quality, unique designs and lines. They are also characterized with sexy playfulness and lightness with little bit of conservatism.

This is her 5th collection and it is named Valencia. It includes many incredible and stunning designs and I think that the designer has left a huge mark in the bridal industry with it. Riki’s designs are daring yet traditional and I think that this mix has made her silhouettes so successful.


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The dresses in this collection are maintaining a sexy look and are defined by romance and lightness. Many of the designs created by Riki float along floor as their handmade lace cascades through out the silhouettes. High quality fabrics are used in a combination with pearls and beading. The fabrics are comfortable and delicate.

This collection is also a new twist of soaring fringe, transparency and layers. The special elements in this collection bring the present and past together, making the collection impressive. Deep v-necks and daring backs are the elements mostly used in this collection. Soft and smooth fabrics and rich embellishments and lace are chosen.



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The secrets of designs, the designer learnt from her mother. She began expanding her business outside of Israel and now she is well recognized all around the world and her designs are featured in more than 24 locations. If you like her style, designs, etc., you should definitely visit her official site. If you want to keep up to date with her work, like her facebook page.

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Thank you for reading! I hope that you have found this wedding dress collection designed by Riki Dalal amazing and you will choose one for your big day. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Top Dreamer!