Tips And Benefits In Taking Pleasure On White Chocolates


The cacao tree was first found to be useful for its seeds about some two thousand years ago. Initially, the seeds from the cacao tree were used to make a drink that tasted bitter in contrast to sweet. It is because the seeds of the cocoa tree have an intensely bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavor. Later on, this drink was made sweeter and made into what is known today as hot chocolate.


There are three main types of chocolates: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

White Chocolates:

Santa Barbara Chocolate best white chocolate tastes a lot better than the dark and milk chocolate because it has more of the sweeter ingredients in it. White chocolate, although similar in texture to that of milk and dark chocolate, does not have any cocoa solids in it. It is mostly made of cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, and lecithin – a fatty emulsifier that holds it all together. It is characterized by a pale yellow or ivory appearance.

During manufacturing of white chocolates, the dark-colored solids of the cocoa bean will be separated from its fatty content, as with dark chocolate and milk chocolate. As a result, this cocoa butter is the only cacao ingredient in the white chocolate. Since it contains no cocoa solids, white chocolate contains only trace amounts of stimulants caffeine and theobromine.

Reputed chocolate companies rely on cocoa butter as the main source of fat, whereas cheaper companies use cheap fats instead. It is therefore important to procure from a reputed company to ensure that you get superior quality.  

White Chocolate Vs. Dark Chocolate:

  • Dark chocolate is more chocolate-like the taste and a bitter aftertaste.
  • White chocolate does not taste like chocolate since it has no cocoa, but it is sweeter and richer.
  • Dark chocolate is sold in bars or chips with different grades of chocolate content; it is useful in making chocolate drinks and sauces.
  • White chocolate is also solid in bars or chips and used in candy making.
  • Both types of chocolates are used in desserts either as chips or in a melted form.

Benefits Of Consuming White Chocolate:

  • White chocolate does not contain any cocoa solids it is caffeine free. So it is ideal for people who avoid intake of caffeine for medical or religious reasons.
  • White chocolate is characterized by a caloric content since it helps to satisfy hunger quickly, besides its unusual and distinctive taste serves as a good supplement for many desserts and pastries.
  • If consumed 20 minutes prior and 5 minutes after lunch or dinner, it reduces our appetite by 50 percent giving us a feeling of a full belly.
  • It tastes excellent since it contains sugar, some flavors, and no cocoa powder. It is smoother and more buttery than the dark chocolate
  • It is a blessing for people who avoid chocolates considering the dental problems because it contains phosphate, which protects teeth from decay.