Tips and Tricks to Start Off-Roading


Owning a trail-rated Jeep vehicle means that you have opened up an entirely new world to explore! Off-road adventures in a Jeep put you immediately in the action, with beautiful scenes you may not see otherwise, and fun driving challenges as you push the limits of your vehicle. Getting started can seem a bit intimidating, but fear not; as the Jeep wheeling community is one of the friendliest and welcoming out there! In this article, we’ll break down some sage wisdom that will ensure you have the best time while out on the trail!


Configuration is Key

Knowing your Jeep’s capability is a first step in safely exploring off-road. The first step is understanding your all-wheel-drive configuration; check to see if your Jeep has high/low settings for your 4×4 system (and better yet, if it has Jeep’s Selec-Terrain traction select system). While you are on the road, the high-range settings allow you to more actively hit higher speeds, while the low-range gearing configuration allows for crawling potential over rocks and optimal torque distributions at lower speeds, giving more grip in slippery conditions.

Staying Safe is Smart

Outfitting your Jeep with post-market features is a good way to save money on repairs later on. If you expect to do serious off-roading, the guys at Flemington Jeep (Flemington, NJ) suggest that some rugged underbody protection is probably a good idea to look a bit more into. Having tires that are specialized for the terrain you expect to work through (rocks, mud, sand, water, etc.) is a helpful step in avoiding getting stuck. Going off-road can also mean low-cell service and oftentimes extensive distances away from civilization; so it’s a good idea to have the necessary equipment to help get out of sticky situations. Potential gear that can help includes a high-lift jack, a shovel, tow rope with the necessary connections, a fire extinguisher, a full gas tank, and a first aid kit. When on the trail itself, take it slow and enjoy the surroundings! Get the full experience by taking in the view, and slowly working through trails to help avoid damaging your rig and the environment.

Friends Enhance the Experience

Off-roading with a Jeep Club is the ideal environment for off-road adventuring; sharing the experience with friends and other like-minded people makes it all the better! Having a friend and another Jeep in the mix is smart and important to stay safe while on the trails. Many Jeep clubs will also offer courses for learning to control your Jeep and tackle various obstacles and many experienced members will be happy to share their knowledge with new wheelers. Do a quick search for Jeep Clubs in your local area, or check forums and online platforms, such as Facebook, for local Jeep clubs or Jeep Jamborees for you to take part in!

If you are looking to take your Jeep off-road for an adventure, spending some time researching and doing some prep work will help a lot. The best source of information for off-roading is experience, which is why it’s a great idea to join a Jeep Club and learn from the best! Not only do Jeep Clubs have a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, but they also often offer entry-level lessons and advice to start off-roading like a pro! If you are interested in finding a Jeep Club near you, do a quick search online for clubs in your area, or talk to your friendly Jeep dealership near you to learn more!