Tips on Choosing and Working With a Wedding Photographer



Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life. Capturing it in perfect angle and clarity is critical to preserving every moment of the event. When the wine bottles dry up and the wedding gowns get returned to their respective rental shops, photographs will serve as a remembrance that you can check every single day. This is why a wedding photographer is an important person to have in your special day. Here’s four things to consider when choosing and then working with one.


  • Ask For Samples


Sample photographs give you a clear idea of how a photographer works. Photographers have different styles of taking images, and you can clearly see these distinctions from the finished product. Some are experts in producing natural, unedited documentation of their wedding while others are known for their ability to mix photography with different software tools to form playful and creative art.


  • Interview Them In Person


Talk with your candidates. See how well they know their work and how equipped they are for such events. Wedding photographers will have varying sets of equipment. Aside from the camera and lenses which are staple in the business, tripods, umbrella backdrop stand kits, and portable printers are other tools you may need your photographer to have. Obviously, a beach wedding will require specific tools to cover correctly compared to a traditional church wedding.


  • Think of It as a Partnership


Being free-spirited and expressive are the earmarks of photographers. How they see the world and life in totality are how they capture their photographs. If you prohibit them from expressing themselves through photography, you’ll end up with bad photos. Instead, think of it as a partnership. Listen to their feedback, especially if they’ve been working as a wedding photographer for some time now. Getting a different perspective and some professional advice from your wedding photographer is part of what makes the service valuable in the first place.


  • Look For a Good Storyteller


Wedding photographers use their equipment to capture stories. In every click of the shutter, a story is created. Whether or not this is how you wish to convey your special day will rely on who you choose as your wedding photographer. Some professionals prefer to capture moments and give it a romantic feel while others look for some comedy in each unfolding event, you can see some good examples of this by Lee Glasgow, Wedding Photographer for Warwickshire who provides some shots which show true love along with other more commical and cheeky images. This just goes to show how a photographer can really work with you to get the shots that suit you.

Having a good wedding photographer is similar to a successful marriage between a couple. You need to find someone who can listen to your needs and can help come up with solutions to acquire them.


  • About the wedding planner


This post is written by Joanne Hawkins who is an editor for Book of Weddings, an online wedding planner where you can book a variety of services including Wedding Photogaphers in your area. Joanne started as a wedding planner and as well as enjoying creating wedding cakes in her spare time she was also interested in social media which lead her to the Book of Weddings online team where she reguarly blogs about her experiences as a wedding planner.